Apple’s ‘iPhone 11’ Launch Date May Have Been Revealed By Latest iOS 13 Beta

It appears that Apple may have included some information on the launch date of its 2019 iPhones on the latest version of its iOS beta.

As reported by The Verge, Brazilian tech site iHelp BR was the first to discover a reference to the possible “iPhone 11” launch date, shortly after Apple released iOS 13 beta 7 to developers on Thursday. Based on these findings, this new beta version comes with an image named “HoldForRelease” that highlights the date of September 10 on the iOS 13 home screen calendar. This image, per The Verge, is used by Apple to assist users in setting up new iPhones for the first time and has previously hinted at iPhone announcement dates in recent years.

Much like this year’s sighting, it was discovered last year that iOS 12 came with a similar asset, this time displaying a September 12 date. This was the same date when Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR were first announced to the public.

According to The Verge, the possibility of an “iPhone 11” launch date on September 10 is consistent with Apple’s usual schedule, where the Cupertino, California, company announces its new iPhones on the second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. Typically, Apple releases these devices no more than two weeks after the launch event, though, in the case of last year’s iPhone XR, the device first hit stores in the last week of October, or about a month and a half after it was first announced, as recalled by CNET.

Most rumors so far have indicated that Apple will again be unveiling three new iPhones at this year’s event, including at least one handset that will include a triple-lens rear camera system. Earlier this week, The Inquisitr wrote that there are a few new design features that could be coming to this year’s iPhones, including a dark green color variant and a matte texture for the back glass portion of the devices. It has also been rumored that Apple might remove the word “iPhone” from the aforementioned back panel.

Per AppleInsider, Apple is also expected to stick to its Lightning connector instead of switching to USB-C, as well as offer the new iPhones in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage variants.

While these new devices are thought to be incremental upgrades over last year’s iPhones for the most part, recent reports have suggested that Apple might be bringing the “Pro” naming convention to its smartphone line, with the company’s high-end devices – the expected successors to 2018’s iPhone XS and XS Max – now expected to carry “Pro” branding.

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