Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s ‘Drew’ Comes Face-To-Face With Jason ‘Quartermaine’

Things are heating up with the memory swap storyline, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s more coming with Friday’s show. Franco is frustrated and angry as he copes with believing he is Drew while everybody else insists otherwise, and the sneak peek for the episode airing on August 16 reveals that he’ll come face-to-face with Jason for what may be a tense conversation.

Franco has Drew’s memory, and he left General Hospital and headed to the Floating Rib to sort through this chaos. Peter figured out what had happened, and Robert filled Sam and Jason in on the latest events. Elizabeth is feeling heartbroken, and Drew is trying to lend his support. In addition, Kim was quickly pulled into this, and she was filling Julian in on these developments.

The preview for Friday’s show reveals General Hospital spoilers sharing that Jason will head to the Floating Rib to talk to Franco. Of course, the twists and turns of this storyline include the fact that Drew was an identical twin of Jason’s, but a car accident led to plastic surgery that changed his look. That means that Franco, believing he is Drew, will see Jason and see the face he believes should be his.

The sneak peek teases that Franco will refer to Jason as a rich kid with his face, calling him by the last name Quartermaine. Fans will be interested to see how this proceeds, as this quip from “Drew” seems to hint at another layer of complexity to all of this. It now appears that Drew was aware of Jason years ago, even though Jason wasn’t aware of Drew.

This also seemingly means that Drew knew of Jason from before Jason’s accident. Exactly what does that mean regarding what comes next?

Back when “Jake Doe” first arrived in Port Charles and then the “real” Jason returned, revealing the existence of Drew, many fans speculated that Drew knew more about all of this than he had let on. Nothing ever developed on that front, but this exchange teased for Friday’s show is making viewers wonder if they had been right all along.

It looks like some viewers may be speculating that there could be a juicy Helena Cassadine twist coming here, and that may well be the case. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Helena will pop up next week in a flashback that involves Shiloh, meaning that there was a connection of some sort between the two of them. It wouldn’t be a stretch to suspect that this will all end up woven together in some way.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, there is plenty more related to this Franco/Drew chaos coming during next Monday’s show, too. Viewers will see more of Shiloh next Tuesday, and it sounds as if both Shiloh and Dr. Cabot will be angling to get deals in exchange for providing key information on all of this memory-mapping.

How long will all of this Shiloh craziness with Franco having Drew’s memories take to play out? General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will go at least through the end of the month. The sneak peek for Friday suggests that this storyline may incorporate some juicy tidbits that will hook the viewers, and a lot more should be revealed soon.

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