Donald Trump’s Life Post-Presidency Will Be ‘Humiliating’ Predicts ‘Newsweek’s’ Windsor Mann

Donald Trump’s presidency will end in disgrace, and his life after the presidency will be “humiliating,” opines The Week writer Windsor Mann.

Mann begins by pointing out something that’s been true of Trump and some of the people who work with him: they’re fiercely loyal while they’re in his employ, but once they’re gone, they let loose on their former boss. As examples, he lists former Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault and his former attorney Michael Cohen. Both had high praise for Trump when they worked for him, but afterward, Manigault accused him of having used the N-word and said he was “mentally impaired,” and Cohen called his former boss a “con man” and a “cheat.”

Fox News and Trump also appear to be in the midst of a falling out — one that will be complete and permanent once Trump is no longer president, Mann suggests. Mann makes a comparison to an earlier incident in which Trump called Fox & Friends and kept the hosts on the line for half an hour, with the hosts desperately trying to come up with a polite way to get rid of him. Once he’s out of office, Mann predicts, Fox won’t even take Trump’s calls. Instead, Trump will have to leave voice mails for low-level Fox interns.

Mann lays out the reason why he thinks Trump’s former defenders and promoters will turn on him once he’s no longer relevant: because there’s nothing to gain from being involved with him. Be it ratings, political relevancy or simply employment, once there’s nothing to be gained from being associated with Donald Trump, then his staunchest supporters will leave him in the dust, Mann predicts.

“Trump’s post-presidency will be sadder and more pathetic than his presidency,” Mann writes. In addition to having no relevancy, no friends and no cable news network to provide him an outlet, he’ll also have none of the normal things that go along with being an ex-president. Mann predicts that Trump’s presidential library “will be neither presidential nor a library.” He also predicts that Trump’s memoir will be ghostwritten and “dreadful.”

Mann concludes by comparing his predicted post-presidency life of Donald Trump to the post-presidency lives of other recent presidents who were unpopular in their terms but redeemed themselves afterwards. Richard Nixon, Mann notes, became a respected author and policy advisor. Jimmy Carter became a noted humanitarian.

But for Trump, Mann predicts no such luck. He writes that there will be no public speaking tours, no bestselling memoirs and no need to buy merchandise from his online store. “Won’t people tire of him?” Mann goes on to opine.

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