Apple Rumors Suggest iPhone 11 Could Come In New Color & Offer Longer Battery Life

Apple is likely just weeks away from announcing this year's new iPhone lineup. Yet, like always, rumors about the new phones are widely circulating on the web.

New rumors published on Reddit from an alleged insider at the Foxconn factory where iPhones are assembled has claimed that Apple might be planning to launch the iPhone in a new dark green color, per Apple Insider. The leaker also claimed Apple plans to eliminate the iconic "iPhone" text from the back of its phones.

The report also said that the finish on the phone would be different and would take on a matte-like appearance and texture. But as AppleInsider notes, there is no word from any leakers on whether this change would make Apple's iPhone offering any less slippery to hold.

As Cult Of Mac noted, Apple's current generation of iPhones, the X, XS, XR, and XS Max, have been known to be some of the most slippery phones the Cupertino-based company has ever developed due to their curved glass housing.

Other rumors suggest that the next generation iPhone Max model will contain a significant increase in battery capacity, potentially allowing users more time to talk, text, play games, and surf the web. The increase on the larger iPhone, which is expected to have the same 6.5-inch OLED display, would be from the current 3,174mAh on the current iPhone XS Max to 3,969 mAh on the unannounced new iPhone.

The new alleged leaker also claims confirmation of previously-rumored details about the next generation iPhones, including that the phones would have a new triple camera system with a large bump on the back of the device. The leaker also claimed that the next generation of iPhone would keep Apple's Lightning charging port instead of the newer USB Type-C port found on many modern-day smartphones.

The leaker also reaffirmed other rumors, like ones that said Apple had plans to eliminate the 3D Touch feature from new iPhones, which Apple introduced to allow users to apply pressure on the screen to allow for more input options. Apple has allegedly planned to eliminate this feature in order to eliminate thickness in the display that it had been unable to otherwise remove.

Apply typically announces its new iPhone lineup sometime in September and makes the devices available for purchase within a few weeks.

As Apple Insider notes, as the iPhone announcement looms closer, there are typically more and more rumors that arise from anonymous individuals claiming to have new information about Apple's next flagship phones. Often, these rumors turn out to be false, so Apple fans shouldn't exactly get their hopes up about a new green iPhone just yet.