‘The Conners’ Season 2: Back On Set & Here’s What Fans Can Expect

The Conners Season 2 airs on ABC Television.
Robert Trachtenberg / ABC

Season 2 of the wildly popular ABC series The Conners is headed to television this fall, and fans cannot wait to see what will happen to their beloved characters as they play out the delicate storylines that ended with a bang during the show’s first season.

The show posted a new photo to Instagram showing what fans could expect during the upcoming season. The blue book appeared to be the script for the first episode of the season, titled “Preemies, Weed & Infidelity.” The telling title appears to be referencing several key actors from the series, including Becky, Darlene and Jackie, portrayed by Lecy Goranson, Sara Gilbert, and Laurie Metcalf respectively.

Viewers will also be able to enjoy a few more episodes this season, as the count went up from 11 in Season 1 to 13 in Season 2. Fans flipped out over the photo, stating in the comments section of the post what they are hopeful for this season.

“Weed? Please tell me we get to see Aunt Jackie stoned again. That would be amazing!” quipped one fan over the possibility of Jackie reverting back to an old habit.

Another fan remarked, “Gawd, do I need The Conners right now. America needs The Conners right now.”

“This makes me so happy! I look forward to seeing lots more episodes and all the great laughs that follow!” wrote one viewer.

As the first season of the show came to a close, Dan was being pursued by Louise (Katy Sagal), but he let his childhood friend down easy as he felt it was too soon to date after his wife, Roseanne’s, death. But he agreed to be friends with her, leaving fans with the hope that Dan will find happiness again.

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Are you an Aunt Jackie or Becky today? #TheConners

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A pregnant Becky realized that she had to make some major lifestyle changes to have a healthy pregnancy. She stopped drinking and began to really care for herself, something she had not been doing since the death of her childhood sweetheart and husband, Mark. At first, she had no interest in getting close to Emilio, the father of her baby who worked with her at Casa Bonita, but the two grew closer until he was caught up in an ICE raid and deported. Season 2 will likely show how her pregnancy storyline will play out.

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These kids are savage ???? #TheConners

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As for Darlene, she and her childhood sweetheart David finalized their divorce, with each moving on with other partners; he with girlfriend Blue and she with her boss, Ben. Darlene even considered moving to Chicago, uprooting her two children and following Ben to the big city and out of Lanford, Illinois. But David’s return, stating that he wanted to reconcile with his now ex-wife, threw a monkey wrench in Darlene’s plans, and she told Ben she couldn’t move to Chicago with him at the end of the season.

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There’s always a way back. #TheConners

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Jackie, who was dating Peter for most of Season 1, realized that he was just taking money from her and not really contributing to their relationship, so she kicked him out of her apartment and then, in a drunken rage, vandalized the former restaurant, The Lunch Box, that she and her late sister, Roseanne, once owned. She told Darlene that her life was a “toxic mess,” and Season 2 will likely be a time for Jackie to figure out her own path and how to stand on her own two feet.

The Conners returns Tuesday, September 24 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.