Jordan Kimball & Demi Burnett Roast Their ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Co-Stars In Hilarious Scene No One Saw Coming

The unlikely dynamic duo stole the show as they gave viewers a break from the love triangles and crying.

Demi Burnett; Jordan Kimball
Craig Sjodin / Paul Hebert / ABC

The unlikely dynamic duo stole the show as they gave viewers a break from the love triangles and crying.

Bachelor in Paradise has a new couple, and it has nothing to do with romance. On the most recent episode of the ABC dating show, franchise stars Jordan Kimball and Demi Burnett teamed up to deliver zingers as their co-stars paraded across the beach, and it was nothing short of hilarious.

The unlikely Bachelor in Paradise duo bounced one-liners off of each other to offer some much-needed comic relief from Caelynn’s constant crying and the Dylan-Hannah-Blake triangle.

In the hilarious scene, which you can see below, Demi announces that she and Jordan are the show’s “new dynamic duo.” The two then proceed to rip their co-stars. It starts as Jordan says Clay Harbor is “the nicest guy,” but adds, “God bless him, have some swag.” Demi proceeds to diss Clay’s white shoes as he walks on the sand.

Demi then roasts Cam Ayala, who has just realized his dream girl (Caelynn Miller Keyes) isn’t into him.

“Here goes Cam on the beach in his natural habitat, walking alone and sad. He is in an anti-depressant commercial right now,” Demi cracks, before offering a prediction about who will be getting a rose at the next rose ceremony.

“ABC, anyone but Cam.”

Demi and Jordan also address recurring Bachelor in Paradise contestant Chris Bukowski’s “advanced” age. (Note: He’s only 32.) Demi jokes that every night she watches Chris age 10 years, while Jordan quips, “I saw his bags and he has formaldehyde in his bags.”

The Bachelor in Paradise stars also mock two female co-stars as they skip on the beach, calling them “a Forever 21 commercial,” and they attempt to mimic Paul Jones’ unique way of talking. Whoa!

You can see Jordan Kimball trading one-liers with Demi Burnett in the Bachelor in Paradise clip below.

Jordan later posted to Instagram to let Bachelor in Paradise fans know that his laughter in the footage with Demi was “authentic and real.” Jordan, who has already declared himself the “mayor” of Bachelor in Paradise, crowned Demi the “Queen of Paradise.”

Bachelor in Paradise fans hit the comments to suggest Demi and Jordan host a podcast together or get their own reality show.

“This is the greatest duo EVER! I’m here for the commentary and epic one-liners!” one fan wrote.

“Please cohost a podcast together!! I can see it now…’Ken and Barbie Bach Talk’ (like back talk),” another wrote.

Unfortunately, this dynamic duo may have delivered their last show together—at least in front of ABC’s cameras. While it hasn’t fully played out on TV yet, Jordan looks to be involved in some serious Bachelor on Paradise drama with a piñata. Even the mayor isn’t immune to banishment from paradise when violence is involved, so stay tuned.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.