Donald Trump Is Describing Men As ‘Good Looking’ Or ‘Great Looking’ More Than Ever This Year, ‘CNN’ Reports

Donald Trump has long been known for insulting the appearances of women, as The New York Times reported, referring at various points to individual women as “ugly,” “fat,” a “dog,” “horseface,” and other cruel epithets. But as denigrating as Trump has been toward women he does not like, he has been highly complimentary toward men he appears to admire.

In a new analysis of Trump’s speeches and public statements, CNN reporter Daniel Dale found that even though Trump may be more closely associated with his demeaning comments about women’s appearances, “the vast majority of his public words about looks as President have been admiring remarks about men, most often men in uniform.”

In fact, Dale found out by using information from the data site Factbase that Trump has gushed over men for their looks at a sharply increased rate just this year. For example, Trump has referred to a man as looking as if he came from “central casting” five times during his first year in the White House. But since that first year — that is, from February of 2018 until the present — Trump has used the “central casting” compliment 23 more times.

In fact, according to Dale, Trump referred to both of his United States Supreme Court nominees — Neil Gorsuch and Bret Kanavaugh — as having “central casting” looks, and has cited their appearances as a reason that they deserved to be confirmed to the high court.

Donald Trump has described his two Supreme Court appointees, Neil Gorsuch (l) and Brett Kavanaugh (r) as looking like they come from ‘central casting.’

Trump also frequently refers to men as “good looking” or “great looking,” though he seems to most frequently use those compliments to describe men in the military or law enforcement. In July, Trump told Fox News, in an interview posted by Factbase, that he was reluctant to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan because “great looking central casting” generals were telling him not to.

During an April visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump was joined by a group of local sheriffs, saying, “That’s central casting. You can’t cast — you don’t have anybody in Hollywood that looks like these guys,” according to Factbase.

But just this year — in only the last four months — Trump has markedly picked up the pace in doling out compliments to men, Dale reports. In that time span, Trump has used “central casting” as a compliment 10 times in public statements, while describing men as “good looking” or “great looking” 11 times.

But that latter statistic includes a July 11 Twitter post by Trump in which he described himself as “great looking and smart.”

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