Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Point To Nikolas Cassadine Return Coming Soon & Fans Are Ready For It

Fans have been waiting for a definitive sign confirming that Nikolas Cassadine is still alive on General Hospital. Spoilers had been hinting at this development for a while now, and fans have been anticipating this ever since Nik supposedly died. After Tuesday’s episode, it seems certain the character is returning, and fans have a lot to say about this.

During Tuesday’s show, Laura met with Ava’s psychic, Chelsea, to try to trip her up and prove she’s a fake. As viewers saw, however, things did not go as Laura anticipated. She was briefly worried about Lucky when the psychic said her son was in grave danger, but this took a turn that left Laura confused.

Fortunately, Laura was quickly able to get a hold of Lucky and ensure he’s fine. Then, Chelsea said it was Laura’s other son who was in danger. Laura’s only other son is Nikolas, and this seems to be as direct a confirmation that the show is bringing Nik back as fans will get at this point.

Of course, this leads fans to wonder who will play Nikolas. Is General Hospital bringing Tyler Christopher back? Would they tap Nick Stabile, who took over briefly for Tyler a while back, or go with a recast? Unfortunately, spoilers haven’t revealed anything definitive on this front yet.

As The Inquisitr has previously noted, Tyler has been open in saying he’d be interested in returning to General Hospital. He and his family do not currently live in California, but Christopher even said he’d be open to moving back for the role if the opportunity presented itself.

Christopher has repeatedly teased fans in ways that make them wonder if he’s coming back to GH. At the same time, he’s previously insisted that nobody had reached out to him. At least, that was apparently the case about a month or so ago.

It’s been nearly a month since Tyler referenced General Hospital via his social media pages. Could that silence of late be a hint that things have changed and he may soon be returning? Fans are definitely buzzing about this possibility and it looks as if viewers are more than ready to see Nikolas brought back to Port Charles.

Viewers also noticed one other tidbit during Tuesday’s show that is generating some speculation. Immediately after Laura talked to Kevin about Chelsea’s shocker, the show shifted to a scene with Hayden. Does this mean that there’s a connection in play right now between Hayden and Nikolas? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed that yet, but it seems like a definite possibility.

Months ago, it appeared that a mysterious Cassadine male figure had taken Cassandra out from under Finn and Anna’s noses. Now Cassandra has popped up again, and another Cassadine-related General Hospital spoiler just emerged. The Inquisitr noted that there will be a flashback involving Helena Cassadine coming up, and viewers can’t help but think this will all connect in some way.

There have been some significant cast changes playing out recently that have upset viewers. If the show were to bring Tyler Christopher back soon as Nikolas Cassadine, that would surely generate a lot of positive buzz and excitement that the show could use right now. Given the developments from Tuesday’s episode, it would certainly seem as if specific spoilers should be emerging soon.

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