Missing Teen Found Alive After Two Days On Snowy Ski Mountain

A missing teen was found alive in Maine after two days lost on a ski trip, and reports indicate the teen built a “snow cave” to survive during the scary incident.

The missing teen found alive after two days in a makeshift snow fort is Nicholas Joy, 17, of Massachusetts. Joy is said to have tried to take a shortcut while skiing at Maine’s popular Sugarloaf Mountain resort — at which time he became lost in the snowy backcountry.

Joy was located at around 9 am this morning after two nights stuck on the mountain. The Washington Post reports that the teen was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Framingham following the rescue.

Snowmobiler Joseph Paul indicates Joy was aware search efforts were underway and says, when the missing teen was found alive, they discussed his ordeal briefly:

“I said, ‘A lot of people are looking for you.’ … He said, ‘I bet. I’ve been out here for two nights.'”

Paul explains what happened after he located the missing teen alive after two days stranded alone on Sugarloaf, and also details what clever measures the young man took to ensure his safety as he awaited rescue:

“The 17-year-old told his rescuer he drank from a stream and used hemlock branches in a shelter he built. The teenager also said he tried to light a fire by rubbing sticks together, but wasn’t successful … Paul said he gave the skier some peanuts and crackers to eat and called 911 before whisking him about 4 miles down a mountain trail to an ambulance.”

Parents Robert and Donna Joy were thrilled the missing teen was found alive after two days, and said in a statement after Nicholas was confirmed safe and sound:

“There is great relief and happiness that Nicholas has made it through this difficult ordeal.”

sugarloaf skiers trapped

Search coordinator Lt. Kevin Adam said of Joy’s survival efforts:

“He did the right thing in building a snow cave, and obviously he’s still alive to talk about it, so he made some good decisions.”

Adam said the missing teen found alive after two days was in “remarkably good shape.”

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