Billy Miller’s Exit From ‘General Hospital’ Not What Fans Think, Says Kelly Monaco, Implying He Was Fired

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller play Sam and Drew on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers recently revealed that actor Billy Miller would be leaving the show and the role of Drew Cain. Rumors about this exit had been swirling for months and, in general, fans presumed that Miller was choosing to leave due to a lack of storyline. Now, however, co-star Kelly Monaco is speaking out and what she says is raising plenty of eyebrows.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Miller confirmed his General Hospital departure a couple of weeks ago via a Twitter post shared by his agent. Billy took the high road, thanking the crew and his fans and avoiding saying anything negative about the show or detailing the reasons he was leaving. He reportedly filmed his last scenes on July 26 and those should air in a couple of weeks or so.

While Miller chose not to say anything specific about why he is leaving General Hospital, it looks like his close friend and co-star Monaco has decided she cannot stay quiet. Monday evening, she shared a post via Twitter that makes her feelings quite clear.

Kelly notes that she is heartbroken over Billy’s departure. She also calls this an untimely departure and says that this exit may not be what the audience thinks is the case. Without saying it explicitly, this would certainly appear to imply that Miller was fired and she’s clearly intensely upset about it.

General Hospital fans had not envisioned that a firing was the case in this situation. Rather, Billy’s fans felt that the writers had lost interest in developing quality material for the actor.

For quite some time now, Miller has been left without anything all that juicy to do in his role of Drew. Many viewers figured he must be frustrated over the situation and had chosen not to renew his contract, deciding it was time to leave the show instead.

Many would say that Kelly is taking something of a risk in posting this tweet. General Hospital fans know that Monaco and Miller have become extremely close friends off-screen, even though their characters Sam and Drew aren’t together anymore. The two have been so close that many were sure they were dating, although it does seem that they truly are just incredibly good friends.

It looks as if Kelly has decided that she’s going to speak out and support her “ride or die” versus keeping quiet and letting fans assume that Billy quit General Hospital. Miller isn’t on social media, and it looks as if he’s decided that less is more when it comes to explaining his show exit.

Kelly obviously felt very strongly about making this statement, as she knows it will probably generate a lot of chaos among the show’s fans. It seems likely that Billy’s supporters will be all the more frustrated to think that he was fired rather than that he decided on his own to move on.

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If indeed Billy Miller was fired, what does that mean for other characters connected to the character of Drew Cain? Will General Hospital executives address this now that Kelly Monaco has spoken out?

General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much about how Billy’s character of Drew will depart Port Charles, but it is going to play out soon. This bombshell that the actor may have been fired will probably leave fans feeling rattled and anxious over what other revelations may soon emerge. For now, everybody will have to hang on tight and stay tuned.