‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Chase Shows A New Side, Curtis Feels Guilty, & Liz Worries About Franco

Josh Swickard and Katelyn MacMullen play Harrison Chase and Willow Tait on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / Walt Disney Television

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that the week of August 12 will be an intense one for everybody in Port Charles. Franco’s fate is unknown after the attempted memory transfer and this situation will have many people on edge. There will be a new alliance of sorts formed and some interesting developments for many core characters on the canvas.

It sounds as if the Franco situation will be front-and-center most of the week. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will wake up, but teasers have not yet revealed whose memories he’ll have or what condition he’ll be in once he does regain consciousness.

During Tuesday’s show, SheKnows Soaps shares that Elizabeth will tell Franco what she can. That may mean that he still has his own memories, but perhaps doesn’t remember everything that happened. Another possibility is that he may have Drew’s memories and will have to rely on someone he doesn’t realize he knows to gain an understanding of what he’s been through.

There’s an emotional conversation ahead for Julian and Lucas, and this may be related to Julian’s decision to move to New York with Kim. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this move may not stick, though, at least not for Julian.

Finn will reach out to Hayden and ask to meet with her, and the two will connect during Friday’s show. General Hospital spoilers note that something will rattle Maxie and Peter this week, and there are relaxing moments on the way for Jason and Sam together.

Soap Central reveals that something will propel Sam and Jason to align with Robert on something. This is an unusual combination and fans will be curious to see what this partnership entails.

As Elizabeth worries about Franco, General Hospital spoilers detail that Curtis will be feeling guilty. This is probably in connection with Shiloh stealing the flash drive from Drew’s office at Aurora.

Curtis is supposed to be in charge of security now, but he’s been pretty busy spying on Jax for Valentin’s benefit. He may struggle to reconcile how his actions may have played a role in this chaos happening.

Additional General Hospital spoilers indicate that Mike will be popping up and spending time with Sonny and something surprises Ava. Stella gets some news and there are scenes with Dev and Josslyn together this week as well.

Willow and Chase have fallen head-over-heels for one another, but fans know that this is bound to run into complications soon. General Hospital spoilers note that Chase will show a different side of himself in the coming week and whatever this entails involves Willow.

Will Franco still have his memories or will he have Drew’s? How far will this plan of Kim and Julian’s progress? What comes next for Sasha and when will Hayden come clean with Finn about her pregnancy? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be pretty wild over the next few days and fans will have a lot to buzz about as the episodes for the week of August 12 air.