Jinger Duggar Shares Photo Of Her Little ‘Mini-Me’ Daughter Felicity In Matching Outfits

Jinger Duggar's fashion sense has extended to her daughter Felicity.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo with newborn daughter.
TLC / TLC Press

Jinger Duggar's fashion sense has extended to her daughter Felicity.

Jinger Duggar is living her best life in LA. She and husband Jeremy Vuolo have been living in California for over a month now with their adorable daughter, Felicity Nicole. They have both been sharing plenty of photos of their new life, and their fans love it.

When it comes to fashion, Jinger Duggar seems to have upped her game. She has gone from wearing dresses and skirts for most of her early years living with parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, to figuring out her own style after marriage. That includes pants and shorts. A recent snapshot that the Counting On star shared on Instagram reveals not only her best style but her little girl’s as well. The mother/daughter duo are both in matching dresses.

Jinger is wearing a simple but cute striped dress that hovers right above the knee. The cut of the dress works well with the reality star’s trim figure. It slightly hugs her slim waistline, while the skirt flares just a bit around her legs. Felicity is seen in a matching striped dress as well. But unlike her mom, she has an extra accessory added. The 1-year-old is wearing a light blue flowery band on her little head.

The Duggar daughter captioned the photo “Me & My Mini-Me.” She then went on to say that she loves doing the matching thing with her baby girl every once in a while. The photo was taken at the LA church that they are attending and where Jeremy is taking his seminary classes. They have also been followed by paparazzi since they moved to LA, as a few pictures have circulated showing the family heading into church.

Felicity is barefoot in the snapshot and some people seem to have a problem with that. There is usually a comment or two whenever the baby is seen with no shoes on, saying that she shouldn’t be barefoot all the time and that it’s not good for her feet. However, diehard Duggar fans are always quick to tell the mom-shamers that her parents know what’s best for her.

Jinger and Jeremy have also started what they call a J&J Q&A. They just posted their first two-part video, as previously described by The Inquisitr. There will likely be more of those coming up in the future. The mom-of-one was wearing a cool red jumpsuit as she and her preacher husband answered a few fan questions that came their way.

More of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s adventures in LA will be just one of the features on the new season of Counting On coming up in October.