Royals Plan Crackdown On Websites Using Fake Duchess Meghan Quotes To Sell Diet Pills

Ian VoglerGetty Images

Buckingham Palace is planning to clamp down on ads using fake quotes from Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, as well as other members of the royal family. The recent spate of scam weight loss ads are irking the family, with the palace committed to stopping these faux endorsements.

The Daily Mail shared that the advertisements for weight loss products featuring Meghan Markle are all fake. Buckingham Palace wants the public to know that the duchess is not backing any online products with her quotes.

The ads talk about various diet pills and “keto weight loss,” stressing that they are a female-owned company Markle is using to lose her pregnancy weight after giving birth to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. They falsely quote the duchess with words of praise about the various products.

Royal insiders state that this is “an illegal use of the Duchess’s name” and they promise “to clamp down on the scammers.”

One of the fake quotes on a site called First Level Fitness has the duchess praising their product for its help losing weight after having the baby.

“I am no different from any other women in the world. Post pregnancy my body had lost its shape. But, with Keto body tone I came back. No women deserve to be out of shape.”

Some sites have gone even further, using fake quotes from Markle saying that the Palace wants her to stop pursuing her own weight loss line even though weight loss pills are her “passion project.”

Another website states they are quoting from a rare interview with Duchess Meghan in which she discusses her weight and weight loss efforts with a nonexistent publication called Entertainment Today. In the made up interview, she is quoted as saying she is obsessed with her weight,

“They know how much I obsess over weight loss and I put my entire heart and soul into this product to make it perfect.”

The ad continues, saying that Meghan has traveled the world for ten years sourcing ingredients for a weight loss remedy.

Buckingham Palace would not specifically detail how they plan to tackle this issue except to say they will “follow [their] normal course of action” to tackle the scammers.

Since her engagement to Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan has not publicly discussed her weight. The only aspect of her diet she has revealed was that she has reduced her meat and animal products intake. There is no evidence she has ever been on a keto diet.