WWE Rumors: Goldberg, The Undertaker, And Other Stars Made Insane Money For Working Saudi Arabia Events

Everyone knew it was a good payday, but no-one could have expected this.

The Undertaker and Goldberg face off for the first-time ever.

Everyone knew it was a good payday, but no-one could have expected this.

When WWE made a deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it was totally obvious that it would be a profitable 10 years for both sides. With each event that takes place, WWE goes all out, bringing in some of the biggest names for the fans to enjoy. It is true that a lot of money ends up exchanging hands, but the deal needs to be profitable in order for guys like The Undertaker and Goldberg to fly across the world for one match.

That it was because these guys made a lot of money.

Last year, Wrestling Inc. revealed that Chris Jericho made $100,000 to work the Greatest Royal Rumble. While that number is absolutely insane, it is put into an even greater perspective when fans realize that Y2J worked less than five minutes for that giant payday.

“It was cool man. It was a long trip for a short period of time – I think I was in the Rumble match for four minutes or something like that. I know they must have been paid a whole lot of money, just by proxy of what I was paid ha ha.”

While Jericho made six figures for his short amount of work in Saudi Arabia, the legends coming out of retirement made even more. Well, the legends and Brock Lesnar made a whole lot more and it wasn’t even close to what Jericho brought in.

Superstars pose for the promotional poster for "WWE Super ShowDown."

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, Goldberg’s deal to work the match against The Undertaker at Super Showdown in June was 10 times that amount. Yes, Goldberg earned “well into seven [figures] for the match” even though the match was seen as one of the worst in a long time.


The exact amount isn’t known regarding how much Goldberg made, but the amount was at least $1 million and possibly a bit over that. That amount was around the same amount of money Goldberg made for the eight matches he worked during his WWE contract in 2003.

Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are also expected to have made more than seven figures for their appearances at the Saudi Arabia events. Back in November, Michaels actually came out of retirement for a tag team match at Crown Jewel.

The true paydays are not known for all WWE superstars who performed at the Saudi Arabia events, but the trip was more than worth the effort. One of the only other superstars expected to have made that much was current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Then again, Lesnar is one of the highest-paid superstars to ever work for WWE in its history.