12-Year-Old Hero Rescues Sister From Frozen Pond [Video]

A 12-year-old hero rescued his sister from a frozen pond in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Saturday. Tony Buuck saved the life of his eight-year-old sister Sammy when he rushed to the pond in the family’s backyard to rescue his little sister.

The little girl was playing on ice, covering the family’s pond, when the ice cracked and she fell into the frigid water. Sammy immediately screamed for help. Fortunately her brother, who was playing basketball, heard her cries and rushed to the pond.

As reported by ABC News, Tony carefully made his way across the ice toward his sister, but the unstable ice started to crack. The ice broke away under his feet and he fell into the water with his little sister.

Unsure what to do, Tony grabbed the hood of his sister’s coat and held her head above water. He continued holding her as they both yelled for help.

Dale Buuck heard his children screaming and ran outside to the pond. Tony continued holding his sister’s hood as their father managed to pull them both to the shore. When Dale pulled the children from the water he realized his eight-year-old daughter was unresponsive.

The 12-year-old hero ran inside the house and called 911. He remained on the phone with the dispatcher until help arrived.

The EMS team responded quickly and were able to revive the little girl. The father and both children were taken to the hospital for treatment and were eventually released without injury. The family credits Tony’s heroic efforts for saving his sister’s life.

Pennsylvania State University offers information on pond and ice safety, as many children are injured or die falling through ice every winter.

It is suggested that anyone playing or skating on ice should never do so alone. Rescue equipment such as rope or a pole, kept close to the perimeter, can be helpful if a rescue becomes necessary.

Snow covered and uneven ponds should be avoided entirely as it is more difficult to determine the depth of the ice. Generally clear ice is much thicker and stronger than white or opaque ice, which is usually filled with air bubbles.

The 12-year-old hero knew exactly what to do when he rescued his sister from the frozen pond. Tony is not entirely comfortable being considered a hero, but his father and sister have no doubt.

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