'Grand Theft Auto V' Fans Create New Online Content Inspired By 'GTA: Vice City,' 'GTA: San Andreas'

After the in-game mission creation tools were first added to Grand Theft Auto V last year, many fans created new online jobs based on previous Rockstar Games titles such as Red Dead Redemption, The Warriors, and Bully. Impressed by the player-made creations, Rockstar Games showcased the GTA V missions at the time by featuring them on their official website. Inspired by this, the team then requested GTA V users to continue to create new content based on other past titles from the Rockstar Games lineup, using the creator tools of GTA Online.

After last year's challenge for GTA V players to build Rockstar throwback missions, the developer is now ready to promote another batch of new player-created missions after they published details regarding a second batch of Rockstar-inspired missions in GTA V from the official Rockstar Newswire blog on Wednesday.

"Using the hashtag #throwback when publishing them to Social Club, nostalgic players continue to make excellent gameplay experiences that pay homage to the exploits of Tommy Vercetti, CJ and more in Race, Deathmatch and Capture form. Below, check out just a few great ones we've found that are worth giving a go."
Unlike the first set of player-made GTA Online throwback missions, which feature jobs based on a variety of different Rockstar Games titles, this week's newly showcased missions for GTA V only feature user-generated jobs inspired by previous installments of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games has compiled a list of new missions built by GTA V fans that were created as if they were set within earlier entries of the series such as GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and GTA IV.

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4)

In addition to providing descriptions for each of the selected missions, Rockstar Games also announced from their official Twitter account that they will be streaming live gameplay of the missions as members of the GTA V development team play the new throwback jobs this Thursday and Friday.

The sampling of new Rockstar Games throwback missions comes one week after the developer released ten new verified player-created missions in GTA V, as reported by the Inquisitr. These new user-generated jobs are considered some of the best missions built by GTA V players, according to the game's developer.

Grand Theft Auto V is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3. The PC version of the game is scheduled to launch in March, and online heists have been announced to finally release in GTA V in the coming weeks.

[Images via Rockstar Games]