WWE News: Triple H On Taking Over WWE – Says Vince McMahon ‘Is Not Stepping Away’

Triple H may take over WWE one day, but that is if Vince ever steps down.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon listen to Vince McMahon speak.

Triple H may take over WWE one day, but that is if Vince ever steps down.

As the years go by, many wrestling fans wonder when Vince McMahon is finally going to step down from his busy position as head of WWE and take a break in life. Of course, the true fans simply believe that he’s never going to give up control and will always stay in power. When it comes to someone else taking over the lead of the company, Triple H kind of feels the same way and believes that his father-in-law is going to outlive everyone.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is set to turn 74-years-old later this month and he’s still taking charge, rewriting scripts, and making hands-on decisions in WWE. Even though his children and son-in-law have high positions of authority, he’s the one that has the final say on everything.

The XFL is set to begin playing again in February, right after the NFL season is over, and Vince is going to be in total control of that league. It is expected that the new football league will take up almost all of his time, but many believe that he will still be making all primary decisions in WWE as well.

On Thursday, Triple H was part of a media call where he spoke on many different topics which included the hierarchy of power in WWE.

Triple H cuts a promo on a 2019 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

As transcribed by Ringside News, Triple H stated that there is some kind of plan in place for those who move on or can no longer do their jobs. When asked if he is the heir apparent to Vince McMahon, though, Trips believes that no one actually has that position.

“There is no heir-apparent first of all because Vince is not stepping away. He’ll probably outlive all of us knowing that his mom’s in her late-90’s and still running around so he’s got the genes. He’ll probably outlive all of us, but there are succession plans for everything.”

It can be said that “The Game” was just joking as everyone’s time eventually comes, but wrestling fans also often tease that Vince McMahon is eternal.

Triple H knows that he and his wife, Stephanie McMahon, and everyone working for WWE has their position in the company. Each day, they simply do their job and tackle the obstacles that come their way with the things they have to do.

Vince McMahon may be quickly approaching the ripe young age of 80, but he has certainly shown no signs of slowing down. He’s still doing so much with WWE and has the XFL starting soon, which will only add to his workload. Triple H is doing everything asked of him and one day, he may be in charge of the wrestling giant, but he’s certainly not counting on it.