‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Franco’s Heroic Move May Save Cameron, But Fans Suspect Someone May Die

Viewers are not going to want to miss Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that this will be a fast-paced, jam-packed show that could surprise fans with some twists and turns. Dr. Cabot is about to inject Drew’s memories into Franco’s brain, but they aren’t as isolated and alone at the warehouse as they may think.

During Thursday’s episode, viewers watched as Franco begged Shiloh to let him take Cameron’s place for this procedure. Actors Roger Howarth, as Franco, and William Lipton, as Cameron, gave stellar performances as they accepted that there were few options available to them.

As Thursday’s show ended, Cameron was still being held hostage as Dr. Cabot was starting to inject Franco. Shiloh is desperate to see this completed, but will things go as he’s hoping?

General Hospital spoilers tease that not only will Curtis and Drew be rushing to the address where Shiloh has everybody, but Elizabeth will get Chase headed that way, too. Curtis and Drew have a sense of what they’re walking into, but Liz and Chase have no idea how complicated and potentially devastating this situation is becoming.

Not only are Curtis and Drew on the way, but Jason has been looped into this, to an extent. He offered to head to the address he got for Liz, but she declined. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that he may not stay too far away as this plays out.

Where does all of this head next? General Hospital spoilers suggest that Curtis and Drew will soon get to the isolated warehouse, but they may not get there before the memories have been transferred to Franco. SheKnows Soaps shares that during the coming week, Elizabeth will be by Franco’s side and tell him what she knows.

It sounds as if the memory transfer may be successful, but of course, that’s not the end of the story yet. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are stunning moments coming next week involving Chase, Liz, and Drew, and Shiloh’s not going to be out of the picture yet.

The week of August 19 seems like it will be central to resolving some of this storyline. Jason will visit Franco, and General Hospital spoilers note that Curtis and Drew will go to Elizabeth’s home. Shiloh will offer up an exchange of sorts, so it’ll be interesting to see if he holds Cameron captive all this time or if he has something else of value to exchange for whatever he still needs.

Franco will reach out to Kim during this week, which does suggest that he’ll have Drew’s memories. Luckily, Cameron is doing fine as of the August 23 show, as he’ll be spending time with Trina.

Rumor has it that Billy Miller’s last day as Drew airs on Friday, August 23. At this point, it’s not known yet how he’ll exit and whether or not that will come with some sense of wrapping up Shiloh’s misdeeds in Port Charles. Could Drew or Shiloh end up dead before this is all said and done? Fans have a suspicion that may be the case, but nothing is known for certain yet.

Viewers are ready to be done with Shiloh as well as the memory-mapping storyline, and it looks as if they may get their wish soon. These latest developments may not be popular with fans, but people do seem to be enjoying watching Curtis and Drew together. Other cast members are being given some powerful work to do as this plays out, too, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s more fabulous stuff on the way.