WWE Rumors: Here’s Why WWE Is Reportedly Scripting Children’s Answers During Commercial Break Segments

Recent episodes of WWE’s Monday Night Raw have seen backstage interviewer Sarah Schreiber pass the time during commercial breaks by interviewing fans, particularly younger members of the audience. While these segments had previously been spontaneous in nature, with the children freely answering Schreiber’s questions or getting to impersonate their favorite wrestlers, rumors now suggest that WWE tried a different approach this week by scripting the kids’ answers in advance.

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, Dave Meltzer revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE had apparently been “trying kids out” early on this week’s episode of Raw, advising the children what to say when Schreiber would ask them questions later on in the show.

“I guess nobody was following the script good enough so I guess they didn’t do the segment at all,” Meltzer continued. “They were trying to fix the kids’ reaction segment because they don’t trust the kids because maybe they will bring up [someone like] Chris Jericho or CM Punk.”

The above further cited Meltzer’s co-host, Bryan Alvarez, who recalled a June episode of Raw where Schreiber asked a young boy who he thinks is the “best in the world.” Although Shane McMahon has recently been using this sobriquet as part of his heel gimmick, Punk had also referred to himself as the “best in the world” during his time with WWE, which ended on acrimonious terms in 2014.

Much like WWE allegedly wants to avoid any mention of Punk on its television shows and pay-per-views, previous reports have also suggested that the company is trying to distance itself from Jericho, who signed with rival promotion All Elite Wrestling earlier this year. As quoted by WrestleTalk, Jericho said in March that he’s “kind of public enemy number one” in WWE’s eyes at the moment, especially since the company has apparently removed or edited some content that had featured him or mentioned his name.

Despite WWE’s supposed attempts to make its viewers forget about the likes of CM Punk and Chris Jericho, that hasn’t diminished their popularity among fans around the world. In Punk’s case, it is still commonplace for fans to chant his ring name whenever they perceive a match or segment to be boring or pointless – as pointed out by WrestlingNews.co, those “CM Punk” chants were most recently heard on this week’s Monday Night Raw, during the segment where Samoa Joe cut an in-ring promo calling out erstwhile rival Roman Reigns.

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