Kourtney Kardashian's Shirtless Vacation Pics Have Fans Pitying Her Kids

Kourtney Kardashian appears to be causing a stir. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been fronting media outlets ever since she jetted off to Europe at the end of last month. Kourtney kicked off her travels in France, although the star's current destination is somewhere in Italy.

Photos of Kourtney strolling the streets of Portofino, Italy were obtained earlier today by The Daily Mail. They showed the 40-year-old rocking a chic and cream-colored ensemble comprised of a mini skirt and tailored jacket, although the blazer itself came shirtless. Kourtney's tiny, tan-colored bra was upping the ante. The Poosh CEO was photographed with 10-year-old son Mason as she hit up a local dinner spot, with photos showing the mother and son also enjoying a little retail therapy.

Viewers to The Daily Mail's images have been leaving their thoughts over in the newspaper's comments section. Remarks spanned a range of subject matters, although comments expressing sentiments of pity for Kourtney's children were multiple.

"I feel sorry for her children. They can never have alone time with their mum. They are constantly followed by agents and newspapers that she arranges and she has a group on hand constantly touching up her make up etc. Each selfie will take hours to get the right one. Not much fun for little children," one fan wrote with others agreeing.

"Its Alllllll about her! How awful to have to live with that...poor kids," another wrote.

One of the most upvoted comments suggested that Mason himself might be feeling uncomfortable.

"Walking fashion victim. Even the son looks embarrassed," the user wrote with 90 individuals agreeing.

Another popular comment suggested that Mason might be unhappy in general and turning to food as a result – the user stated that Mason is "emotionally eating."

Other remarks also appeared to center around the star's eldest son and his weight. Users challenged Kourtney's healthy eating mindset, although fans would likely argue that this entire family is a fit and healthy one. Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been showing fans Kourtney's nutrition-conscious mindset for years, with viewers to the E! show seeing the star's children appearing to enjoy balanced and healthy lifestyles.Treats seem to be allowed on occasion, but the gluten-free philosophy that Kourtney is a fan of has extended to her kids. The children have been known to follow their mother's diet, with the star herself having blogged about it, per People. Kourtney recently made headlines for announcing that she is returning to a keto diet, although she made no suggestion that her kids are doing the same.

It looks like viewers to today's report were out to give Kourtney a bit of a hard time, although some concerns appeared expressly geared towards her children being raised in such a high-profile way.