Chelsea Houska Shares Rare ‘Toy Story’ Footage Of Son Watson In Woody Costume & Upside-Down Glasses

Chelsea Houska has shared a rare and adorable moment with son Watson. The Teen Mom 2 star is known for being somewhat cautious when it comes to what she shares on social media: fans of the 27-year-old will know that Instagram snaps showcasing the star’s family side don’t land on the platform too often.

Chelsea may share her life via the MTV series and permanent social media updates, but there’s another way she chooses to post. Instagram’s stories are a feature that Chelsea uses, although anything posted via this method only remains live for 24 hours. Those extra-familiar with Chelsea’s Instagram stories activity will also know that the redhead tends to post content relating to fashion or her Itzy Ritzy collaboration with husband Cole DeBoer. In short, a video of the kids is a rarity.

Earlier today, Chelsea posted some footage. It showed 2-year-old Watson sitting on a couch. This bright-eyed child was rocking a full Toy Story costume, with fans likely recognizing the movie franchise’s Woody character from Watson’s outfit. The animated character’s cowboy hat was there, as were the yellow shirt, cow-print vest, and pops of red that complete the colorful upper. Watson seemed fully kitted-out, with his blue pants also echoing Woody’s look.

Watson was also wearing a pair of glasses placed upside-down on his face.

Chelsea’s video was a brief one. It seemed to suggest that this mother was about to show her son something.

“You want to see?” Chelsea was heard saying.

“Yeah,” Watson replied.

Watson last appeared on Chelsea’s Instagram at the end of July. The update may feel recent, but it was nonetheless rare. Last month only offered Chelsea’s followers a handful of images, with some barely showing the kids’ faces.

Chelsea’s mindset seems to contrast those of some of her costars. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry has Instagram accounts set up for all three of her children. Fans can check out Isaac, Lincoln, and Lux’s activities by following their accounts. Former Teen Mom OG member Farrah Abraham has done the same with her daughter Sophia’s Instagram. Chelsea, however, has opted out of that, with what appears to be further caution from her rare posts. Regardless, however, her account boasts a high following of 5.6 million.

Chelsea shot to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom 2. Her eldest daughter, Aubree, was fathered by ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, with the star welcoming two more children with husband Cole.

Fans wishing to see more of Chelsea should follow her Instagram.

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