WWE Spoilers: Roman Reigns' Attacker To Be Revealed Tonight On 'SmackDown Live'

For the last couple of weeks, there have been some very strange happenings going on in WWE, and they have one thing in common - Roman Reigns. The former WWE Champion was attacked last week in a forklift incident, and on this week's Monday Night Raw, he was almost run down by a car in the parking lot. On tonight's episode of SmackDown Live, his attacker will likely be revealed, and it could set up a big match at SummerSlam.

On last night's Raw, Samoa Joe went out to the back parking lot to meet Reigns and confront him in person. As Reigns stepped out of the SUV he was driving, a speeding car came rolling in and slammed into the SUV.

Joe looked extremely concerned, and he didn't understand anything that was going on or why someone tried to run down Reigns. Later, Triple H went into the parking lot to check on one of WWE's top superstars and see what exactly was happening on the company's flagship show.

The official website of WWE provided an update on Reigns and said the he "narrowly escaped" what may have been a permanent injury. After being checked out by WWE's medical staff, he was cleared to appear on Tuesday night's SmackDown Live broadcast in Detroit.

According to some rumors going around, tonight could be when Reigns finally learns who has been attacking him.

Triple H checks on Roman Reigns after the latest attack.

Brad Shepard posted on his official Twitter account that the attack on Reigns on Raw is leading up to a huge reveal on SmackDown Live. It has been rumored that Daniel Bryan would be announced as the person who has been attacking Reigns, but it now seems as if some more has been added to all of this.

As reported by The Inquisitr, this has been a bit of a babyface turn for Samoa Joe, but it may not completely take him away from being a heel. What this is going to do is have a sympathetic Joe team with Roman Reigns at SummerSlam to take on the team of Bryan and Rowan, who are the attackers.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, and it could end up not happening, being changed, or delayed until a later date.

WWE still has to add some matches to the SummerSlam card in order to fill the long runtime of the pay-per-view. There are a number of big stars who are still without a match at the event, and this tag bout would help out four of them. A Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe vs. Daniel Bryan and Rowan match is entirely unexpected, but SmackDown Live should shed more light on the whole situation on Tuesday night.