Grandmother Suing Disney After Scooter Knocked Her Over On Walt Disney World Bus

Lawsuits are nothing new to The Walt Disney Company. Some of these cases have been settled out of court or end up being thrown out, but a new one regarding a guest who reportedly suffered injuries appears as to have some legs. The guest is suing Disney after claiming she was knocked over by a motorized scooter while on board a Walt Disney World bus.

Emily Rose, 70, of New York is seeking more than $15,000 in damages in Orange County Court, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

She claims she was knocked over by a stranger’s motorized scooter after the bus made a sharp turn during a park trip in December of 2015. The bus was quite crowded after leaving the Magic Kingdom — on its way back to Disney’s Beach Club Resort — so Rose was forced to stand for the ride. She was accompanied by members of her family, including her grandchildren.

Rose says that there was a woman sitting on a motorized scooter nearby, and that the ECV tipped over when the bus driver made a sharp turn. It knocked Rose over, and since then she has allegedly had to deal with injuries to her back and knees.

Rose, a former private school secretary who has since retired, wanted to get a recommended knee replacement surgery for her situation. Maxine Noel, Rose’s lawyer, says that her client has been through “tons and tons of physical therapy” due to this unfortunate incident.

“I feel so bad for her and I’m so angry at Disney… C’mon. If anybody should be accountable — there are families and people coming there from all ages — aren’t they supposed to provide a certain measure of safety?”

Whenever a motorized scooter is brought onto a Walt Disney World bus, the cast member or bus driver is to properly secure the small vehicle with straps to lock it in place. The lawsuit claims that Disney did not properly secure the scooter in question. In general, the suit claims, bus drivers have not been trained properly.

Disney spokeswoman Erica Ettori simply said that the company “will respond to the allegations, as appropriate, in court.”

There has been a rise in the number of lawsuits regarding motorized scooters. This incident is far from the first time such a suit has been brought against Walt Disney World. As reported by The Inquisitr back in January, a woman sued Disney at that time, stating that a guest knocked her to the ground after hitting her with his ECV. The lawsuit claimed that Disney should have designated lanes in which the scooters should drive, in order to see increased safety for guests who are walking around the walk.

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