Kevin Wendt & Astrid Loch Update ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fans On Their Relationship Status

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt met on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Paul Hebert / ABC

It’s time for the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, and this will surely prompt fans to feel anxious for updates on last summer’s pairs. Several couples were together as the finale aired, and one fan-favorite pair was Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch. Are they still together, and what’s the latest on them?

Astrid and Kevin did not finish filming Bachelor in Paradise together last summer because he got cold feet and broke up with her. However, Loch and Wendt reunited off-camera and have been going strong ever since then.

The Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds now live in Canada together, as Astrid moved to Toronto to be with Kevin a few months after their finale. They got a condo together and recently shared a few updates about where things stand for them now.

Kevin and Astrid told E! Online that things are going great for them. The Bachelor in Paradise stars are not engaged yet, but it certainly looks like their relationship is headed that way. Astrid joked that Kevin has until she turns 30 to propose, and she’s 29 now, so it seems that an engagement likely isn’t too far off in the distance.

Fans will remember that these two met almost immediately as Season 5 debuted. In fact, Kevin jokes that it was shown seven minutes into the premiere.

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He explains that neither of them knew anything about the other and that seemed to work in their favor. While they did split toward the end of filming, it seems they look back on that and feel that it was the best thing they could have done.

“[T]he breakup was the best thing that ever happened to us because it just let us kind of end the TV show chapter there in Mexico and come out of it and just work on it on our own and kind of figure out what we wanted to do.”

While Kevin and Astrid do some public events, they insist they mostly live a “normal” life and that it suits them. He says they get left alone for the most part, but that they also simply enjoy one another’s company and stay inside together much of the time. They even joke frequently in their social media posts about being mom and dad, seemingly a nod to being a bit more settled and older than some other pairs who met under similar circumstances.

“We cook every day. We watch TV, we work out every day and we eat ice cream sandwiches. Stuff like that.”

These Bachelor in Paradise stars may not be engaged yet, but they have talked about what they envision for their wedding. They say that an elopement is unlikely. Instead, Kevin and Astrid feel that they will probably hold their nuptials in Florida, where her family is. This would give Kevin’s family the perfect opportunity to take a short trip to Florida, he explains.

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Despite some rocky moments in front of the cameras last year, Kevin and Astrid are clearly in a fantastic place now. He says he’s never had a gal he’s been so excited to come home to, and he envisions them together 20 years from now. She says she has always struggled with trust in relationships, but that’s not an issue in this case.

When will Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch get engaged? Will any Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise couples find the kind of happiness they have? Fans will get their first look at the new couples with Monday night’s premiere, and everybody’s anxious to watch new love stories unfold.