A sad fact: Tech companies are a bunch of liars

Steven Hodson - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 9:36 p.m. ET

Even though in this new social media where all companies are suppose to value consumer communication along with a new sense of openness and transparency the fact is – it’s a load of crap. Pure unadulterated crap.

The truth of the matter is that tech companies have no qualms about lying right to our faces. Doesn’t matter if it is about hardware or software in the end we are all being played for patsies. Patsies that keep opening our wallets or handing over our personal information without a second thought.

Is Fake Steve Jobs the only (non)person to point out that for as long as our amoeba like memories can remember Google swore to the world that they had no interest in getting into the phone business.

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I’m like, Dude, do you not remember all that stuff you told me about not making a phone, back when you were still not recusing yourself from iPhone discussions during board meetings? You swore, and I mean you looked me in the eye and swore, that you would never make a phone. He says, We’re not making a phone. HTC is making it.

I told him if he wanted to use that line on the retards in the hackery that’s one thing but please don’t insult me with it. He goes, Okay, it’s our phone. But we’re just trying to give consumers more choice and grow the ecosystem by forming strategic partnerships and enhancing the value of the user experience by promoting openness and innovation to create solutions that better address user needs because at the end of the day Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

I’m like, What did you just say? He goes, I have no idea. I’m reading it from a card here on my desk.

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The truth is that Google has been denying for years that they had no intention of getting into the hardware business and yet here they are with their own phone, and supposedly a tablet computer in the pipeline – hence the need for ChromeOS. It doesn’t matter how many games of semantics and spin the words they are now in the biz and they lied about it right up to the point when they started handing out the Nexus One to employees.

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Then we have services like Facebook that started out locking everything behind a walled garden and giving us the impression that our data was only going to be used within those walls. It was this false sense of security that we have that has driven Facebook to be one of the biggest social services on the web. Except now they have turned the tables and made our information and activity open to the web – unless of course you follow their convoluted way of changing back.

These two examples are really only the tip of the iceberg of how we have been lied to as consumers and users who are responsible for making tech companies as rich as they are. Either through misdirection or outright lies it is only a matter of time before we are once again conned by tech companies.

So much for doing business a new way because it sure looks like how companies have been conducting business for a very long time.


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