WWE Rumors: Creative Team Really Only Listens To Three Superstars On ‘SmackDown Live’


One of the big rumors going around the wrestling world this past week is that Vince McMahon decided to rewrite the entire episode of SmackDown Live at the last minute. This is not the first time that the WWE boss has done this, but it may end up being the last with his new Executive Directors in place. While things could end up changing, rumors are flying around that there are only three superstars on the whole blue brand roster that the creative team listens to.

According to The Ring Report, it wasn’t just that Vince rewrote SmackDown at the last minute. It appears as if he was actually still working on writing the second hour of the show as the first hour was airing live on the USA Network.

Eric Bischoff is the new Executive Director of SmackDown Live, but he has not yet taken control. Bischoff will be working with Bruce Prichard on the show, but the details of how they’ll do things are still being ironed out before they are put in charge.

During this time, the writers for the blue brand reportedly don’t listen to a lot of ideas from many superstars. As a matter of fact, they only truly take the ideas of three superstars seriously and allow most of their ideas and pitches to be incorporated into the show.

Kevin Owens walks toward the ring during a 2019 episode of WWE SmackDown Live.
Featured image credit: WWE

When it boils down to it, the creative team of SmackDown Live is said to listen to Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, and Shane McMahon. It’s true that pitches and ideas are received from other superstars, but they will be worked on and tweaked if they are accepted at all.

The pitches from Owens, Bryan, and Shane are often accepted by the writers, and those superstars are given freedom to run with them. That is the reason that many of their segments come off a bit differently and their promos have a different feel to them as well.

If the creative team finds their ideas to be good enough to listen to now, it’s likely they will continue to do that after Bischoff takes over entirely. For the time being, the creative teams is still doing what they can, but it is obvious that not everyone feels their work is adequate.

The rumors state that Vince McMahon simply didn’t feel as if the original script for this week’s SmackDown Live was good enough. He didn’t think it continued storylines well enough from the previous week or built up SummerSlam in a good way.