Disney Honors Cameron Boyce With Emotional Tribute After ‘Descendants 3’ Premiere

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Disney honored late star Cameron Boyce in a beautiful, emotional tribute after its Descendants 3 premiere on Friday, August 2. The third movie in the popular franchise, which features the children of Disney characters. The Disney Channel dedicated the broadcast to the late actor, who passed away at 20-years-old in his home on July 6.

According to a report from People, Boyce starred in the film as Cruella de Vil’s son, Carlos. He portrayed Carlos in all three incredibly popular Descendants movies. The moving video aired after the movie, and it featured two minutes of Boyce, highlighting his brief, but beautiful life. It chronicled his time with Disney, including both Descendants and Jessie. Boyce appeared as the character of Luke on Jessie for four years. The tribute also featured a clip of Boyce with former first lady Michelle Obama.

Text appeared throughout the tribute.

“Everything you are, every smile, every laugh, every dance, every hug, every moment, everyone you touched … you mean everything to us.”

The Disney Channel PR Twitter account also tweeted out the video.

“Tonight’s premiere of #Descendants3 is dedicated to #CameronBoyce and is a celebration of his talent and the joy he brought to the world. You’ll always be in our hearts, Cameron,” read their tweet, which tens of thousands of fans liked and retweeted in the hours after the share.

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Fans responded by relaying that they cried while watching the beautiful pieces of Boyce’s time with Disney. Some reported crying while watching the movie knowing it was the last time Boyce would portray Carlos, while others replied that the dedication started the waterworks. Many fans also took the occasion to tell what the actor meant to them growing up watching him on the Disney Channel.

“His talent immense, his heart & love burned brightly but touched a generation,” one parent of a teenager who watched Boyce while growing up replied.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr reported that the Los Angeles County coroner confirmed the actor’s cause of death as natural. Boyce died from a seizure caused by epilepsy. After his death, the actor’s family began The Cameron Boyce Foundation, which will continue to advance the actor’s legacy in providing both artistic and creative outlets for young people as an alternative to violence. The goal of the new foundation is to become a positive force in the world.

As for Boyce, during his brief two decades, he provided a light and a positive influence for those who watched him, and he did what he loved to do.