Selena Gomez Reportedly Tired Of Feeling Like She ‘Owed’ Something To Former BFF Francia Raisa Amid Feud

Selena Gomez and former BFF Francia Raisa are still on the outs.

As fans know, Francia gave Selena one of her kidneys in 2017 after some of Gomez’s organs were failing due to an illness. While the two did a joint interview and Selena sung Francia’s praises following the generous donation, the former friends are no longer on good terms. A source tells Radar Online that Selena is the one who came to a realization about her friendship with Raisa, and she doesn’t want to carry the burden of feeling like she owes her former BFF something her whole life.

“The truth is that Selena was tired of feeling like she owed something to her because she gave her a kidney,” the insider shared. “This was Francia’s choice; Selena did not steal the kidney from her.”

Previous reports suggested that Selena was drinking heavily after the transplant and that’s what caused the falling-out. However, the insider close to Gomez insists that while Gomez does indulge in some adult beverages from time to time, it’s definitely not every day, and she’s just enjoying herself. The source also shares that the singer is really happy right now, and she’s just simply enjoying her life and living the way that she wants to.

The falling-out between the two ladies reportedly occurred a few months ago, but Gomez recently jetted off to Italy with some other pals, and she had an amazing time. For now, she’s totally over the drama between herself and Francia as she’s focusing on work and her career.

Earlier this week, The Inquisitr shared a slightly different version of the falling-out from another source. According to another insider, Francia is actually the one who had enough of Gomez after she slipped back into her old ways of partying and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Raisa was the one who called out Selena for not taking good care of her body and that’s what sparked the fight in the first place.

“She cares about her and she loves her,” the insider dished. “She told her that she was just really making some unhealthy choices, and that she was concerned for her.”

Following Gomez’s stint in rehab, Selena was reportedly in a better place, but the source doesn’t think that a reconciliation is going to be on the table after everything that has transpired.

“Selena is in a better place But because of everything that they’ve been through together, Selena doesn’t know if she can ever really be a part of Francia’s life again.”

The last time that Gomez and Raisa were photographed together was last November.

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