Selena Gomez And Friend Francia Raisa Had Falling Out After Francia Donated Kidney, Haven’t Spoken In A Year

Selena Gomez was once inseparable from her best friend Francia Raisa, but the two reportedly had a major falling out after Francia donated a kidney to Selena, and now the former besties have not spoken in a year.

Raisa had donated her kidney to Gomez in the summer of 2017, after Selena suffered a major health setback that led to her organs failing. Though Selena said that her best friend had saved her life, a new report from Radar Online says that Selena didn’t show much appreciation for getting the second chance. The report claims that Selena fell back into a dangerous lifestyle, going back on her promise to stop drinking, and that she didn’t take care of her fragile health after receiving the kidney transplant.

The report claimed that Raisa called out Selena for her dangerous behavior.

“She cares about her and she loves her,” a source told the outlet. “She told her that she was just really making some unhealthy choices, and that she was concerned for her.”

The concerns from Francis Raisa appear to be well-founded. Just a few months after receiving the kidney transplant, Selena ended up checking herself into rehab. As Page Six reported, Selena was trying to address mental health issues, though there were reports that she checked into rehab after she was spotted drinking at a New York City bar.

There were reportedly other factors in her decision to enter rehab, including the surprise wedding for her former flame, Justin Bieber. Selena has been open about her struggles with health, including a battle with lupus and previous trips to rehab.

It was not clear when the alleged falling-out took place. Selena and Francia were photographed together in late November 2017, after Selena’s stay at rehab the previous month.

The Radar Online report noted that Selena has been able to improve now and is in better health, but there is not much hope for a reconciliation with her former best friend. It was not clear if the two could ever rebuild the close relationship they once had, a source claimed.

“Selena is in a better place But because of everything that they’ve been through together, Selena doesn’t know if she can ever really be a part of Francia’s life again,” an unnamed source told the outlet.

Selena Gomez hasn’t spoken publicly on the rumors that she and friend Francia Raisa are no longer on speaking terms.

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