Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Is Coming Out Of Retirement

It's been over a year since Enzo Amore last performed in the squared circle. Ever since he was let go by WWE over an assault allegation, the former Cruiserweight Champion -- who now goes by the name nZo -- reportedly hung up his boots and retired from in-ring competition to pursue a rap career.

As noted by Pro Wrestling Sheet, however, nZo revealed that he'll be returning to action during a recent appearance on The Store Horsemen podcast.

According to the former WWE superstar, he's scheduled to appear at Northeast Wrestling's Prison Break event on August 16 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center -- which just so happens to be the venue where his last WWE match took place. His final encounter was against Cedric Alexander during a 205 Live tour.

nZo doesn't have an opponent for the show yet, but he did state that he prefers to wrestle guys under 205 pounds. This is a reference to his old WWE stomping grounds, and with all the former WWE Cruiserweight talent roaming around the independent circuit at the moment, he might wrestle a familiar face.

For those who've been keeping track of nZo's post-WWE exploits, this news will come as no surprise. The Inquisitr reported last week that he's challenged WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle to a match for the ages, while also claiming that he, too, would have won an Olympic gold medal if he ever competed at the competition.

Earlier this year, he also showed up at a Ring of Honor event with his old WWE tag team partner, Big Cass, to attack the Briscoe Brothers. The angle teased a possible match between both teams, but due to the overwhelmingly negative response to their surprise appearance, ROH quickly scrapped any plans they had to hire them.

nZo's former partner has also been in the news this week. While speaking to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Cass opened up about his negative time in WWE, while admitting that he "f***ked over" the company before they parted ways with each other.

During the interview, he also revealed that he thinks the door is open for him to return to WWE down the line.

"I do think the door is open. It's just a matter of what I want to do. It's tough to say right now [if he'd like to return]. It's a tough life, man. People don't realize how tough that lifestyle is."
If he ever does return to WWE, it'll be interesting to see if nZo is by his side. Despite their issues behind the scenes, the pair were still a popular tag team.