'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Friday: Victor Asks For Help

The Young and the Restless recap Friday, August 2 brings an emergency for Victor, and he asks Jack for help. Plus, Summer and Phyllis make up, Billy visits a professional, and Nick gives Adam a warning.

Billy (Jason Thompson) finally went to see a therapist. They discussed his recent nightmares, and the therapist suggested that Billy doesn't like himself much. The therapist also asked Billy if holding onto his grief helped keep Delia alive and justified is hatred of Adam (Mark Grossman) even though what happened was an accident. In the end, the therapist asked Billy to think about the things he'd said during their session.

At Nick's (Joshua Morrow), he told Summer (Hunter King) that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) has some interesting projects going on, and then he also let Summer know about New Hope. Later, Summer and Phyllis talked at Dark Horse, and Summer hugged her mother before she left. They managed to work things out a bit and hope to have a better relationship moving forward.

Sharon (Sharon Case) talked to Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about Christian at Crimson Lights, and after they talked briefly about Christian, Victoria let Sharon know that Billy went to see a professional. Adam showed up, and he accused Victoria of playing dirty in business and with Christian. After Victoria left, Adam complained to Sharon, and he said he'd decided to tell Christian the truth, but Sharon advised Adam not to.

Victor (Eric Braeden) showed up at Jabot looking for Summer. He took the opportunity to tell Jack (Peter Bergman) about how small Jabot's offices are. Summer eventually showed up, and Victor told her about his rare blood disease and treatment. Summer teared up. When Victor left, he nearly passed out in the parking garage, and since he wasn't able to get Nate (Sean Dominic) on the phone, Victor called Jack and asked for help. Jack took Victor to his office, and Victor explained he was on a new medication. Nate arrived, and Jack gave them some privacy. After checking Victor out, Nate realized Victor's blood pressure was too low. Nate advised Victor to start using a driver, and Victor said he would keep fighting.

Finally, Nick and Victoria met up with Christian in Chancellor Park. Christian asked to go back home to Nick's, but Nick suggested they use video phone calls. Adam showed up and took photos to document that Victoria wasn't being fair about visitation. Victoria left with Christian, and Nick and Adam argued about who is the worse person. In the end, Nick vowed to destroy everything Adam has.