Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Pranks Passengers By Hiding In An Overhead Bin As They Board

As a prank, a squirrelly Southwest Airlines flight attendant climbed up into the overhead bin of a plane in Nashville to get a laugh out of boarding passengers. Her actions and their consequences are trending on Bing today.

As the passengers trudged through the aircraft, some seated in strategic places were shocked as they went to stow their carry-on luggage.

Talk about strange.

Since this incident is easy to envision but tough to discern, one of the passengers pulled out her iPhone to capture the odd behavior. Then, tweeter Veronica Lloyd uploaded the video to Twitter while calling out the flight attendant’s shenanigans.

After she showed the “dream” video after calling this action “weird,” 73,100 tweeters read her post.

Their comments tended to run the gamut. Some said the act was not professional while others stated that the act was all in fun.

One Twitter user found the flight attendant’s actions to be “utterly bizarre.” That person admitted to recently having flown on Southwest Airlines, during which time the tweeter “was annoyed by the crew’s attempts to be quirky & funny while we sat in an old aircraft, with basic amenities.”

This commenter, who compared his or her flight to “an uber ride through the skies with all kinds of bizarre turns and drops,” snarkily added, “Compensating much?”

Another person on Twitter pointed out that the flight attendant was not flying the plane and then told the naysayers to “get a grip!”

One commenter was obviously up on how Southwest Airlines staffers like to change things up. @Jillmakblack addressed Lloyd and Southwest on Twitter.

“This is actually quite a popular thing to do in any airline. Not during boarding, of course. This is just for funsies. We are, by far, the funnest and most candid Airline in the business, and our sense of humor is refreshing! We make people smile with silly antics like this!”

Lloyd later uploaded the video of the Southwest flight attendant in her new bed, otherwise known as the overhead bin. Southwest went on the record on July 31 with CBS News to explain their stance on this sort of behavior.

“Southwest employees are known for demonstrating their sense of humor and unique personalities…In this instance, one of our flight attendants attempted to have a brief moment of fun with customers during boarding. Of course, this is not our normal procedure, and Southwest Crews always maintain safety as their top priority.”

The Southwest Airlines flight attendant reportedly stayed put in that area of the plane for 10 minutes.

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