Find Out Jessa Duggar's Strange Connection To Pop Star Katy Perry

Jessa Duggar and Katy Perry live in completely different worlds. While the TLC reality star is known for being a stay at home mother to three kids and dressing modestly, the pop star lives her life a little more wildly. She is, however, a pastor's kid, so she grew up in the church just as Jessa did. So, what would they have in common these days?

Christian rapper, Flame, just won a copyright infringement lawsuit against Katy Perry. She was said to have copied her song, "Dark Horse," after the rapper's tune called "Joyful Noise." The connection that Radar Online reported on is that Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, are actually friends with Flame, whose real name is Marcus Gray. He was also featured in a couple of episodes of TLC's Counting On in 2016.

Katy Perry is now waiting to see how much she will owe for the copyright infringement. The trial took a week with the nine jurors siding with the rapper.

Duggar fans already knew from being faithful viewers of Counting On that Ben and Flame have been friends for a while now. While it's not really a secret for them, others may not have known that the Christian artist had been on reality TV in the past.

Ben became friends with Flame after he started enjoying some of his music. As explained in one of the episodes, Ben wanted to do an interview with him. They began chatting at first through email and then quickly became friends after that. Ben and Jessa ended up heading to St. Louis to see what happens in their studio. They took baby Spurgeon with them as well.

Ben was able to rap a little himself, but mostly they got to just hang out with the rapper and a few of his friends. Jessa looked a little out of her comfort zone in the company of rappers since she wasn't used to that type of music at that time, but she did find it funny when Ben rapped a little out of tune.

In another episode of Counting On, Ben and Jessa were able to show their new friends the country lifestyle as Flame and his wife, Crystal, traveled to Arkansas for a visit. While Jessa Duggar's connection to Katy Perry is pretty minimal, it's still interesting that the Christian Grammy winner is connected to the TLC reality stars at all.

A new season of Counting On will be coming up soon. You just never know if Flame will reappear in a future episode.