Marvel Comics Teasing Huge Announcement At SXSW

Marvel Comics is teasing a huge announcement that will be unveiled about their comic universe at the SXSW convention. While there aren’t a whole lot of details surrounding the announcement, reports indicate that Marvel will be putting their biggest and best writers on a new project.

The SXSW convention is already one of the most anticipated events this time of year. The get-together features all kinds of great music as well as movies.

There are companies that show off their latest and greatest tech gadgets at the convention as well. It appears that this year Marvel Comics is going to make some headlines by debuting something really big.

Digital Spy suggests that previous teasers have suggested that the comic company is getting set to do a reboot similar to what DC did with their New 52 line.

The problem with this theory is that Marvel has previously denied any interest in doing a total reboot the way that DC comics did. Marvel also did a near reboot with some of their titles not that long ago.

Beyond the guesses at what Marvel Comics could have up their sleeves there isn’t a whole lot known. The teaser poster doesn’t really fill us in either.

A red backbround with a big white #1 in the center is the only thing anyone has to go on. That does seem to indicate that either a brand new super-hero is coming or there will indeed be an entire reboot.

The dozens of names that are scribbled in the numeral and the confirmation that the comic company will have all hands on deck for whatever is coming hints at a large reboot as well.

Marvel #1

For now we’ll all have to wait for the SXSW convention to kick off. The event starts on March 8 and runs through March 14.

Comicbook Resources is reporting that Marvel Comics is having a panel at SXSW on March 10 at 1 PM (CST) and that the huge announcement will likely be revealed then.