‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Casting News: Jessica Tuck Reprises Her Role As Cassandra Pierce

Cassandra Pierce has been missing for almost a year now, but her name has been mentioned several times on General Hospital recently. Rumors were swirling that she would be appearing back in Port Charles soon, and now it has been confirmed that she is indeed returning. Actress Jessica Tuck will be reprising her role once again.

The news was confirmed by TV Insider on Tuesday that Tuck will be back on screen on August 1. Fans have been bracing themselves for her return, and it’s actually sooner than expected. The last time Cassandra was seen was last August when she was supposedly kidnapped by someone having to do with the Cassadines. The man who was seen in the car as she was being taken away had the Cassadine crest on his ring.

The General Hospital previews for Wednesday had Finn showing up at Wyndemere warning Valentin and Nina that Cassandra has resurfaced. She may also have been spotted with a man, as many have speculated that this will turn out to be the man who took her away last year.

Cassandra’s name has come up many times in the past few weeks on the ABC soap, so this is certainly no surprise that she is back to torment Nina and Valentin. After all, Nina was the one who put her in a coma.

Another name has also come up recently. Nikolas Cassadine has been mentioned fairly often as well. Does that indicate that the Cassadine prince is also returning? Many have speculated from the beginning that Nik was the person in the getaway car.

Last year may have been the set up to bring him back. There is no confirmation yet on how true this is, but there have been some curious tweets from actor Tyler Christopher on a possible return to General Hospital. There have been many strong hints lately, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr.

But for now, viewers will be seeing Cassandra Pierce wreaking havoc once again in the lives of Valentin and Nina. There is bound to be some trouble brewing with her reappearance in Port Charles. Will she somehow find out about Valentin’s little secret about Sasha? Will she eventually bring Nikolas back home?

There are no details on how long Jessica Tuck will be staying on General Hospital, but her vixen role is mostly welcomed by fans, especially if it means that Nikolas Cassadine fits into this storyline as well.

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