‘General Hospital’ Spoilers & Speculation Tease Nikolas May Finally Be Brought Back To Port Charles Soon

The character of Nikolas Cassadine has been presumed dead since July 2016, but a fresh round of General Hospital spoilers and rumors suggest that the show might finally be ready to bring him back from the dead. This isn’t the first time that fans have buzzed about this scenario, but this time, it seems that there might be some truth to the speculation.

Nikolas has been mentioned several times in recent episodes, and he was definitively incorporated into the storylines that aired during Tuesday’s show. Not only are Hayden and Jax working together to take down Valentin, which could be to avenge Nik’s death on Hayden’s part, but his name was brought up as Ava worked with the psychic Sibley.

Sibley seemingly managed to channel Kiki for a few moments and Ava was stunned. However, when she was trying to channel Nikolas, she said she was unable to make any kind of connection. Could this be because he’s not actually dead?

Laura and Hayden had a lovely chat in a recent episode and naturally, they remain bonded over Nikolas. Ava also brought up Nik in a conversation with Laura, so there has been no shortage of referencing this particular Cassadine lately.

There have also been numerous references to Cassandra in recent shows and General Hospital spoilers have previously hinted that she’d be involved in an upcoming storyline in some sense. Fans have always wondered if Nik could have been the mysterious Cassadine who stole her away all those months ago.


In addition to all of that, a recent tidbit in the print edition of Soap Opera Digest prompted some speculation about a possible Nikolas recast. They hinted that a fan-favorite character was being recast, and some fans definitely wondered if this could be referring to Nik.

Viewers would surely prefer to have Tyler Christopher back as Nikolas if General Hospital is reviving the character. He left in 2016 after stalled contract negotiations, but as The Inquisitr recently noted, he has made it clear he would be open to returning.

Tyler and his family do not currently live in California and he’s focused on some other projects at the moment. Despite that, he has hinted on social media numerous times that he might embrace the chance to rejoin the General Hospital cast. In fact, on Monday, the actor retweeted a post on Twitter that noted he had debuted on General Hospital as Nikolas on July 15, 1996.

If the SOD teaser happens to refer to General Hospital and the character of Nikolas, then it seems the show might be planning to bring in someone new. Some fans have rooted for them to go with actor Nick Stabile, who took over for Tyler for a while before Cassadine’s supposed death. A lot of viewers really enjoyed this version of Nikolas paired with Maura West’s Ava and it would be easy to have him slip back into the role.

It appears that some General Hospital fans are even rooting for Nikolas to return with an aged Spencer in tow. As much as viewers love actor Nicolas Bechtel, Spencer’s Port Charles peers have all been aged and bringing in someone new as Spencer alongside a return of Nikolas could give the teen crew another member.

After Tuesday’s episode, it looks like General Hospital fans are buzzing over what they see as definitive signs that the show is finally reviving Nikolas Cassadine. When will he pop up and who will play the role? Fans will have to stay tuned for now, but spoilers will probably emerge soon if this is finally going to happen.

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