Bernie Sanders Blasts Jake Tapper For Framing Question Around A ‘Republican Talking Point’

During Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, Bernie Sanders attacked Jake Tapper after Tapper asked him his first question, which centered around Sanders’ Medicare-for-all proposal and the worry that President Donald Trump will make it a focus of his 2020 campaign.

“You support Medicare-for-all, which would eventually take private health insurance away from more than 150 million Americans in exchange for government-sponsored health care for everyone,” Tapper said, per Vox.

Tapper highlighted John Delaney’s problems with the policy and his comment that it would help get Trump elected.

Sanders was quick to hit back and accused Tapper of framing the question around a “Republican talking point.”

“Any by the way, the health care industry will be advertising tonight on this program,” he added.

Per The Inquisitr, Sanders and Elizabeth Warren dominated the debates in terms of both total talking time and opportunities to speak. Warren received the most with a total of 18 minutes and two seconds of time as well as 21 opportunities to respond to questions or her opponents, while Sanders received 17 minutes and 17 seconds of talking time and 18 opportunities to respond to his opponents or take questions from the debate’s moderators.

As of now, RealClearPolitics has both Sanders and Warren behind front-runner Joe Biden, with Sanders at 16.2 percent support and Warren at 14.3 percent support. Biden leads the pack with 32.2 percent support.

Sanders made headlines Tuesday when he spoke with rapper Cardi B about creating a 2020 campaign video addressing climate change, student debt, and the minimum wage. CNN reports that the goal was reportedly to mobilize young voters and get them engaged in politics.

“We (are) working on a way to involve more young people in the political process,” Sanders said. “The future of America depends on young people. They are voting in large numbers, but not large enough numbers.”

Cardi B thanked Sanders for the meeting on Instagram Tuesday and hinted that the pair might be collaborating again in the future.

But later that night, The Inquisitr reported that Cardi B’s show at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis was canceled due to a security threat. It’s not yet clear if the threat is connected to her appearance with Sanders and support of his policies.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department claims that an “unverified threat” was what sparked the department to advise Cardi B to cancel the concert. Although “there [was] no immediate threat to public safety,” the move was a precaution for the safety to the singer and her fans.

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