‘Westworld’: Season 3 To Drop In 2020 Plus Potential For Two More Seasons At Least

Along with a new Season 3 trailer, 'Westworld' creators confirmed the potential for two more seasons.

Promotional poster for HBO's 'Westworld'

Along with a new Season 3 trailer, 'Westworld' creators confirmed the potential for two more seasons.

At the recent San Diego Comic-Con, the new trailer for Season 3 of HBO’s hit robot drama series, Westworld, dropped. Along with this was the news that the series could potentially run for another two more seasons at least.

According to The Wrap, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys has confirmed that Westworld showrunners, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, will still be involved in future seasons even though they have also signed a contract with Amazon.

“They are 100 percent hands-on,” Bloys said.

“We have deals with them for a potential fourth and fifth season. So the deal with them [at Amazon] is for, I believe, everything but Westworld. And they’re very committed to Westworld. So I’m not worried about losing their focus, they don’t lose focus.”

Previously, fans were concerned that Westworld might be tied up after Season 3 or that new showrunners would be selected to take the helm. The most exciting news in the statement, though, is the fact that fans can likely look forward to at least two more seasons after Season 3 airs next year.

As for who will appear in Season 3 of Westworld? According to Casey Bloys, HBO is not ready to release which characters will appear — or reappear — in Season 3 outside of those characters shown in the new trailer.

Regarding the upcoming Season 3 storyline, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Westworld looks set to head to war, something that was echoed in the new trailer. However, this war appears to be War War II, which is well in the past according to the Westworld timeline. This means that the potential is there that Maeve (Thandie Newton), who was seen in the war landscape, will be traveling to yet another theme park in Season 3 of Westworld.

While parts of Season 3 will take place in the theme parks, some of it will also — finally — occur outside of the parks created for human pleasure. Aaron Paul, who joins the cast in the upcoming season will be one of the characters who live outside Westworld and will interact with Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), according to the new trailer.

Season 3 of Westworld will also take place directly after the events of the Season 2 finale, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“We’re looking at the aftermath of the massacre in the park,” Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy said.


“After all they went through to get out of the park, Dolores finally got what she wanted, so we wanted to see how she interacts with the world and what her plan is. That’s a part of the story we were excited to tell.”

As to when Season 3 will air, The Wrap has narrowed it down to the first half of 2020. Which means that fans will have to stay tuned for further news regarding the premiere date.

You can view the new trailer for Season 3 of Westworld below.

Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO in the first half of 2020.