‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Star Heidi Montag Shares Her Thoughts On Spencer Pratt & Brody Jenner’s Feud

Rob Kim/Amy SussmanGetty Images

Heidi Montag is opening up about her husband Spencer Pratt’s current feud with his former best friend Brody Jenner.

Ever since The Hills: New Beginnings debuted back in June, the feuds from the first The Hills from the early 2000s resurfaced. One of the feuds that resurfaced was that of Pratt and Jenner. While the two were longtime friends, their tension reportedly escalated while filming the MTV show’s reboot, per Hollywood Life.

Montag spoke to the outlet and shared her take on the feud between Pratt and Jenner. Montag said that she feels like Jenner and the rest of the cast use Pratt as a “scapegoat” and that all of the cast members find it easy to place blame on him. She also said that Jenner is placing blame on Pratt to “deflect” from his own wrongdoings.

“I feel like for Brody, instead of taking responsibility for things he’s doing in his life, it’s easier just to blame Spencer,” she said.

Montag also expressed her thoughts on the fact that The Hills newcomer Brandon Lee defended Pratt to Jenner as the feud played out on camera.

“I was a little surprised with Brandon,” Montag said, adding, “He’s longtime friend’s with Brody, so maybe it’s more surprising that he ever sided with Spencer, to begin with.”

The feud between Pratt and Jenner was reportedly kicked into high gear after Pratt was upset with Jenner’s behavior during his Pratt Daddy Crystals party. Pratt was reportedly upset because Jenner wasn’t behaving like he did when they were younger. The two also came to blows at Justin “Bobby” Brescia’s live show with his band. Finally, the former friends aired out why Pratt didn’t join Jenner in Las Vegas on the show. Pratt admitted that he wasn’t invited on the trip. Pratt also reportedly shared in a confessional that Jenner wasn’t there for the former Marriage Boot Camp star during “rough patches” of his life.

Jenner also wasn’t present for the birth of Montag and Pratt’s son, Gunner. People reported earlier this month hat the DJ’s decision not to join Pratt in celebrating the birth of his firstborn is something that Pratt reportedly still resents. In a clip from The Hills: New Beginnings, Jenner admits that the current fallout between the friends could’ve been resolved with a phone call.

“All he has to do is talk to me about it. Be like, ‘Hey man, look, I’m not really liking this,’ ” says Jenner.

“But he doesn’t do that. He like holds it in and then just like brings up some bulls— out of nowhere that like doesn’t even make sense.”

The Hills: New Beginnings airs Mondays 10 p.m. EST on MTV.