Reality Steve Teases ‘Bachelorette’ Finale Spoilers, Hints At More Bombshells About Jed Wyatt & Peter Weber

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How wild will Monday and Tuesday’s finale episodes of The Bachelorette get? Spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve suggest that viewers will be hearing a lot from those contestants still involved in this season and depending on what they have to say, he might dish out a few new bombshells.

In Reality Steve’s latest podcast, he addressed some of the latest Bachelorette spoilers he has about this week’s finale. As viewers know, the final rose ceremonies and dates of Hannah’s season will be broken up into two different episodes. There will be live studio components airing on both Monday and Tuesday nights, and a couple of Brown’s suitors will face some potentially complicated questions.

Both Jed Wyatt and Peter Weber have recently had ex-girlfriends go public in sharing their sides of how their relationships with The Bachelorette contestants ended before this season started airing. Sometimes in the past, the show would gloss over this kind of thing. In this case, it seems that both Peter and Jed will be asked to address the allegations, and spoilers would suggest that Weber’s turn probably comes Monday night with Wyatt’s coming on Tuesday.

In his podcast, Reality Steve teased that he has additional bombshells he could drop about all of this depending on what is said during these live segments. The spoiler king has previously revealed that in addition to Jed’s ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens speaking out, he got information from a woman who says she hooked up with Jed while he was still with Haley.

So far, Reality Steve has held back specifics about that alleged cheating other than sharing that he has information he could share. However, he says that if Hannah were to reunite with Jed during Tuesday’s finale, a possibility some have speculated could happen, Reality Steve admitted that he might decide to privately send Hannah the information that he has from the woman involved.

Monday afternoon on Twitter, Reality Steve teased a little bit more. The gossip guru says that he expects both Peter and Jed to do their best to discredit their ex-girlfriends who have spoken about about their experiences. Interestingly, The Bachelorette spoiler king says that he will have responses from both Calee Lutes, Weber’s ex, as well as Haley later this week.

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The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that the drama involving Jed is quite relevant to what viewers will see happen during Tuesday’s show. As for the Peter situation, some would say that seems less pertinent at this point. However, Weber is likely a strong front-runner to be The Bachelor this winter if the spoilers about how his time with Hannah ends are accurate, and that probably means the network wants to smooth over what his ex-girlfriend has said publicly, too.

How will The Bachelorette fans feel about all of this once it’s aired on ABC? Spoilers hint that Hannah Brown will shed a lot of tears over the course of these two finale episodes, and fans are quite anxious to see if everything Reality Steve has previously shared pans out to be accurate.