July 29, 2019
Billy Miller Confirms 'General Hospital' Exit, Pens Touching Letter For Fans

After months of rumors and speculation, General Hospital spoilers reveal that it's official: Billy Miller has quit the show. This news will not come as a major surprise to many of the show's viewers or the actor's fans, but it is disappointing none the less.

Billy Miller's exit was confirmed Sunday night via a tweet from his manager Marnie Sparer. The post included a video and a simple caption, and it finally answered the big question that General Hospital fans have been asking for months now.

The minute-long clip had the Cage the Elephant song "Goodbye" playing in the background as it showed a few shots of various Billy-related moments from his time with the show. Then, the video focused on a typewritten letter that had sparked a lot of buzz online on Sunday. The video also showed a typewriter, with the letter in it, next to a General Hospital mug.

The letter was a touching note that expressed Miller's farewell and his love for the experience he had on General Hospital. He noted that there was an air of sadness, but also an appreciation for shared lives and love felt. Billy said that he cherishes the journey he and the fans took together and that he is grateful for all of the support he has received.

Miller closed the letter with "All My Love," and noted that this goodbye is "really...UNTIL NEXT TIME."

Billy himself has avoided building a social media presence, so it has made it a little tricky to pin down how legitimate these recent exit rumors were. As The Inquisitr recently detailed, there had been talk that Miller's last date on the set would be Friday, July 26, which came last week. Now, it would appear that the rumors are finally true.

It seems unlikely that General Hospital will recast the character of Drew Cain. The biggest loose end with Drew's storyline has been in revealing his past with Shiloh, and that is being addressed now. In fact, because of the twists and turns that led to the idea of Jason and Drew being twins, actor Steve Burton, rather than Miller, is playing Drew in the flashbacks to the character's time in the military with Shiloh.

If indeed last Friday was Miller's final day taping scenes for General Hospital, spoilers would suggest that he'll exit the canvas in an episode airing in mid-August or slightly after that. Specifics about how Drew leaves Port Charles have not emerged yet. However, it wouldn't come as a big surprise to perhaps have him leave town to travel or take some time to himself to mourn Oscar's death with the door being left open for a possible return down the road.

Fans were excited to see Billy Miller take over as Jason Morgan on General Hospital several years ago and many loved his partnership with Kelly Monaco. The two grew very close to one another off-screen and that friendship has remained strong. However, Miller's storyline fizzled once Burton was brought back to be the "real" Jason and this character of Drew was created.

What's next for Billy? There's been a lot of speculation that perhaps he'll head back to The Young and the Restless to take over his old old role, just like Michelle Stafford recently did. Right now, that's just a rumor, and it seems quite possible that Billy will instead focus on primetime and movie possibilities for a while.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers about Billy Miller's departure to see what it means for the show and when viewers will see it air.