Mick Mulvaney Confronted Over Donald Trump Increasing The Deficit After It Began Dropping Under Barack Obama

Newsweek reports that Fox News anchor Chris Wallace confronted President Donald Trump’s acting White House Chief of Staff, who is also Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, about the increasing deficit under the current administration.

On Fox News Sunday, Wallace highlighted that ?— after dealing with the Great Recession in his first term ?— former President Barack Obama presided over a deficit drop of 11 percent per year during his second term. He brought up that under Trump, the deficit has increased by 15 percent yearly during his first two years.

“Under President Trump, our national debt has increased by more than $2 trillion,” Wallace continued and claimed that the amount will “top $4 trillion” if the recent bipartisan budget ?— which many Republicans rejected, per The Atlantic ?— is signed into law.

Mulvaney suggested that the president’s original budget proposed to Congress earlier this year would have addressed the deficit.

“‘Dead on arrival’ is the word that everyone always uses, but if you actually went to look at it and saw what Donald Trump would do if he could pass spending bills, which he can’t, you would be on your path to balance and the deficit would be down,” he said.

But Wallace highlighted that Trump had control of both the House and Senate during his first two years as president and still failed to pass budgets to reduce the deficit. In response, Mulvaney suggested that it was Republican lawmakers ?— not Trump ?— that are responsible for scrapped budgets to reduce spending.

The deficit has been the focus of concern for Republicans, including Rand Paul and former Grand Old Party (GOP) member Justin Amash. In response to Trump’s recent bipartisan budget agreement reached by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Amash blasted Trump on Twitter for failing to address the deficit and the interests of the American people, per The Inquisitr.

“More spending. More debt. More failure of representation. This “deal” reflects our broken process. A few “leaders” dictate terms to everyone else. They don’t care how bad the “deal” is for America, as long as they maintain power,” he tweeted, adding that they use bribing and intimidation to get their way.

Representatives Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Jody Hice of Georgia, and Warren Davidson of Ohio, members of the House Freedom Caucus that Amash was a founder of but recently left, all suggested in a USA Today column that the deal is bad not just for Trump but conservatives as a whole. They also said that the deal is against the interests of people who sent Trump to the White House to drain the swap — not feed it.

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