The Driver That Struck And Killed Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas’ Dog Can’t Be Charged, Sources Say

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Hit singer Joe Jonas and his new wife Sophie Turner have been distraught after their beloved dog was recently killed in an accident. The dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai named Waldo, was struck by a car last week in New York City after he reportedly got away from his handler and ran into oncoming traffic. The person that struck and killed the dog did not stop and speak to anyone or exchange any information. While Jonas and Turner may want justice, it’s not likely the driver will face any sort of legal consequences, according to TMZ. Unlike would be the case in a hit-and-run involving another person, the dog was considered property. Thus, the incident is being looked at as an accident.

While it’s unfortunate that the incident occurred, it’s possible that the driver didn’t even realize they hit the animal, thus explaining why they didn’t stop. The high levels of traffic and small size of Waldo could have played a factor in the driver being unaware of the incident. Either way, it is not a crime not to stop after accidentally striking an animal with a vehicle, per the publication’s source.

Turner and Jonas did file a report with the police after the death of their dog, but it was not, in fact, a criminal report, TMZ‘s law enforcement source added. Rather, it was simply an accident report which is required in New York City in situations such as these. If the couple really did want to seek out retribution for the accident, they would have to do so in civil court. The most they could do is to potentially sue the driver for emotional distress or property damage. Nevertheless, this would be difficult to do, especially considering how the driver has not yet been identified.

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The couple has a second dog who is also an Alaskan Klee Kai. The dog is named Porky and is the brother of Waldo. Turner has reportedly been clinging closely to the animal after the tragic death of her other pet. Porky has his own Instagram account under the handle, @porkybasquiatjonas, which Turner and Jonas run together. The page includes lots and lots of photos of Porky’s adventures and quite a few witty captions.

In one particular photo, the dog is holding a stick in his mouth while looking at the camera.

“It’s not the size of the wand (stick), it’s the magic within,” read the caption, which made a Harry Potter reference.