Simon Cowell Aspires To Win An Oscar

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Known as a brutally honest judge of an assortment of entertaining talents, Simon Cowell is the credited brains behind several hit shows including The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Britain’s Got Talent.

With his 60th birthday just a few months ago, the music mogul has his sights set on shaking things up and improving his “brand” in the entertainment industry. Sources close to Cowell told The Daily Mail, the entertainment judge has shifted some of his focus to films following the success of recently released music-based biopics. Cowell hopes the talent he can bring to the table will be enough to land him an Academy Award.

“Simon has talked openly about wanting to win an Oscar,” the source explained.

The music mastermind is well-known for his magical ability to transform an artist into a worldwide sensation. Two examples of this include the creation of boy band One Direction and Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle.

In addition to plans to work on adding to his impressive resume, the 59-year-old has also been working on himself, physically. Known for proudly flaunting his aged form in a tight solid colored t-shirt and blue jeans, Cowell caught everyone off guard when he showed up for Britain’s Got Talent auditions rocking a slightly slimmer physique.

According to The Daily Mail, Cowell has recently shed 20 pounds and made some dramatic changes to his diet with the hopes of living a healthier lifestyle.

Cowell’s weight loss is credited to his commitment to his vegan diet as he’s cut sugar, gluten, dairy, and meat from his meals. Even when Simon is occasionally spotted by photographers with a beer in his hand as of late, the beer has been low-carb and low-calorie.

A friend of Cowell’s told The Daily Mail that Simon “is a new man.”

His friend added, “The weight loss is staggering, his teeth look whiter than ever and he’s bouncing around with more energy than normal.”

His friend also told the media outlet Simon’s son Eric is to credit for the massive changes in the music mogul as he wants to be around to see his son grow.

According to his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour, Cowell made radical changes to his diet following some blood work from a “well-known specialist.”

In addition to his son, he was also inspired to make some changes in his life when he was rushed to the hospital after falling down the stairs of his London home back in 2017. The music mogul reportedly fainted due to low blood pressure.