Drug Smugglers Trapped In Cocaine-Filled Shipping Container Call Police For Help

Heat waves swept through Europe this week as residents experienced record-high temperatures. According to Accuweather, Belgium reached a high of 103 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday.

It was during this record-high heat wave that two adult males realized they had actually trapped themselves inside of a shipping container on the Port of Antwerp. The men, however, were not alone inside of the shipping container. The container was also full of cocaine.

“They called the police to get them out of there, because the container was locked from the outside,” a spokesman from Antwerp’s shipping police explained to CNN.

With temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit at the time, the two young adult males wouldn’t have lasted long in the shipping container.

Speaking to AFP, a prosecutor confirmed the men – who were 24- and 25-years-old – had gone into the shipping container with the intention of moving the cocaine. The duo became stuck when the door closed, and they realized it couldn’t be opened from the inside. Finding themselves trapped in the shipping container that only continued to grow hotter in the scorching temperatures, they decided to call the police for assistance.

According to multiple media outlets, video footage shows officials dumping water on the men to cool them off after pulling them out of the shipping container.

While exactly how much cocaine was uncovered in the shipping container has not been revealed, a spokesperson told CNN it was a substantial amount. The suspects had a court hearing on Thursday. The final judgement from that hearing is unknown and the ill-fated drug smugglers remain in the custody of law enforcement at this time.

As news of the call for help and the arrest spread, many have taken to social media to crack jokes about this hilarious dilemma.

“I wish they would have called me instead. We could have ‘lined’ something up,” one Facebook user jested.

Some took to the comments of a post shared on Fox 59 News’ Facebook page to note that they believed the drug smugglers got what they deserved. Some noted that you “can’t fix stupid.”

Some even cracked jokes about the bosses of the drug smugglers making a huge mistake when selecting these two individuals to keep the cocaine safe during transport.

Cocaine transporting in Antwerp has become a major problem for authorities over the last few years. According to the New York Daily News, in 2018 alone, more than 50 tons of cocaine and an excess of more than $2.7 billion were seized by authorities as they came through the Port of Antwerp. Authorities and government officials speculate that the excessive narcotic supply is coming through the port from Latin America.

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