Donald Trump Slams ‘Disgusting’ Democrats And Robert Mueller In Latest Twitter Tirade

In a series of Twitter messages posted on Saturday, President Donald Trump slammed special counsel Robert Mueller and the Democratic Party.

Once again, Trump cast doubt on Mueller’s credibility, describing the Russia investigation as a “hoax.”

“The Democrats were trying mightily to revive the badly & irrevocably tarnished Witch Hunt Hoax until Robert Mueller put on the greatest display of ineptitude & incompetence that the Halls of Congress have ever seen. Truth is, he had no facts on his side. Nothing he could do!” the president wrote.

Mueller testified before the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees earlier this week, but his hearing “fell flat,” as The Washington Post put it. Mueller, who had been hailed by the Democratic establishment as a highly-competent prosecutor willing to take Trump down, struggled to answer questions from lawmakers, appearing unfamiliar with his own report.

In off the record conversations with the Post, Democratic lawmakers expressed bewilderment by Mueller’s performance, and some publicly described it as inconsequential. Pro-impeachment House Democrats — there is now nearly a 100 of them — are nevertheless excreting pressure on leadership to launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump, despite the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains adamantly opposed to the idea.

Mueller cleared the Trump campaign of conspiring with Russia while detailing in his report election interference efforts orchestrated by the Kremlin. The special counsel did not charge Trump with obstruction of justice either, choosing to adhere to longstanding Justice Department policy according to which no sitting president can be indicted.

In another Twitter message, Trump shifted his attention to the Democratic Party, describing Democrats as “sick & disgusting,” while taking note of the fact that impeachment talks have been ramping up.

“The Dems are now coming out of shock from the terrible Mueller performance, and are starting to spin impeachment all over again. How sick & disgusting and bad for our Country are they. What they are doing is so wrong, but they do it anyway. Dems have become the do nothing Party!”

Following Mueller’s flat performance, and amid Democratic reluctance to launch impeachment proceedings, Trump has gone on the offensive. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the president and his Republican allies are now aggressively attacking the Democrats, and accusing the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign of colluding with Russia.

According to congressional Republicans and Trump, Mueller’s Russia investigation was actually an elaborate plot to remove the commander-in-chief from office.

In charge of investigating the origins of Mueller’s probe is now Attorney General William Barr, but the investigations will not stop there, according to Trump, who said during a recent press briefing that former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton need to be investigated as well.

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