WWE News: A New NXT Brand Is Being Developed With A Former Champion Helping Its Launch

WWE has been able to find tremendous success with the NXT brand and also with NXT UK since it came into existence. The yellow and black brand is no longer looked at as a developmental league but almost an extension of the main roster, and they realize it just needs to keep growing. Now, the promotion is looking to create another brand in Canada and a former WWE Intercontinental Champion could be the one helping its launch.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that WWE is working on launching the NXT Canada brand sometime soon. There is not a lot known about this new brand, but it is expected to be as successful as the original and the version over in the United Kingdom.

According to the report, former Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella could be involved with the launch of NXT Canada. His exact involvement isn’t yet known, but it would make a lot of sense considering the location and where the tryouts will be held next month.

Marella’s hometown is Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and he runs his Battle Arts Academy and Battle Arts Wrestling promotion from there. The interesting twist is that the next WWE tryouts camp is happening right from that very city over the course of August 7-9, 2019.

The tryouts are set to run at the beginning of SummerSlam week which also makes sense for WWE as the pay-per-view is happening in nearby Toronto on August 11, 2019.

This will be the first set of tryouts held in Canada as WWE usually ends up bringing those invitees to the Performance Center in Orlando. Knowing that they are actually having tryouts in Canada adds to the rumors that NXT Canada is being developed even though the company has yet to officially announce anything.

While the tryouts will be held in Mississauga, they are not taking place at Marella’s Battle Arts facilities.

Back in April, Marella tweeted out about Battle Arts’ star Alexsandar Jaksic being offered a developmental deal by WWE. It was the first of his talents to be signed and there will likely be more in the future if a working relationship continues between Marella and WWE.

Having Santino Marella step in as someone to help launch the NXT Canada brand makes a lot of sense for WWE for so many reasons. Not only does he know the company, their rules, and everything else that goes with it, but he’s also nearby and able to help at all times.