‘Shameless’ Star Shanola Hampton Exposes Steve Howey On Instagram

Shanola Hampton, who plays the role of Veronica Fisher on Shameless, has been sharing updates almost daily on both her Instagram wall and her stories, since productions of Season 10 started last month.

Early Friday afternoon, Shanola exposed her co-star, Steve Howey, who plays her on-screen husband, Kevin Ball, for hijacking her phone while they were on set.

The silly snapshot featured a close-up selfie of Howey donning a baseball cap, large rounded sunglasses, and a black T-shirt. The Shameless star opened his mouth wide with his tongue hanging out as if he was preparing to lick Hampton’s phone.

While Hampton and Howey’s characters are not part of the Gallagher family that the Showtime series revolves around, their characters have been core members of the cast since the very first episode. Shanola and Steve’s characters are next door neighbors to the Gallagher family. Initially, their characters became close to the family thanks to the friendship that Emmy Rossum’s character, Fiona, developed with Veronica.

Despite Rossum exiting the cast at the end of Season 9, most of the Gallagher crew have entered adulthood and developed their own relationships with Veronica and Kevin, allowing them to remain solid characters in the storyline.

Moreover, Shanola and Steve’s characters manage a bar called The Albi, which is where a sizable chunk of scenes from the series takes place.

Two hours ago, Hampton also took to her Instagram Stories to tell her 1.1 million followers that she had been on set shooting scenes with co-star Steve Howey for the past 12 hours. Shanola, however, added that she loved her job and enjoyed working with an amazing crew.

While Howey didn’t say anything during the short clip, Shanola did pan the video over to him several times. Steve appeared to be rocking a pair of boxers and a tank top before slipping a pair of sunglasses over his face, as he caused Hampton to laugh uncontrollably.

In less than 12 hours, Shanola’s followers have showered the photo exposing her co-star with over 13,000 likes and nearly 100 comments. Howey commented on the photo roughly six hours after it was posted, using nothing more than an emoji of a tongue.

While some of her followers gushed over how attractive they found Steve Howey, most were too overwhelmed by the humor of the photo to formulate words in their comments. Instead, they flooded the comments with various laughing and smiling emoji.

The photo came just 24 hours after Hampton shared a snapshot of herself with William H. Macy and Luis Guzman. In the caption of the photo, the actress gushed over having the opportunity to work with these two legends on set this week.

The official Shameless Instagram account was among one of the first to comment on the photo noting that Shanola should also consider herself a legend.

Unfortunately, Season 10 of Shameless does not have a release date as of yet.

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