‘Andi Mack’ Finale Spoilers: Cast Teases ‘A Whole Lot Of Tears’ And ‘Perfect Tribute’ For Show’s End

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The end is here for the popular Disney Channel show Andi Mack, and spoilers tease that it’s going to end on a pretty great note. The cast is sharing teasers about what viewers can expect and they hint that everybody should be left feeling quite happy and satisfied.

The name of this series finale of Andi Mack is “We Were Here.” Spoilers from the Disney Channel detail that Celia will leave town and this will prompt Bex and Andi to throw another party.

Viewers will see Cyrus and Buffy trading relationship stories and Andi will reveal a secret of some sort. Photos for this last episode show that the younger core characters will all be involved, with Andi, Buffy, Cyrus, Bex, Bowie, and Jonah all hanging out together in the Mack backyard.

Could that secret of Andi’s be related to her decision to apply to art school? Andi Mack spoilers from TVLine tease in a preview that Bex and Bowie will find an envelope from the school and worry that it’s too slim to contain good news. They will decide they don’t want Andi to see it ahead of the party and will go through some awkward scrambling to hide it from her.

Andi Mack spoilers from Hollywood Life indicate that the cast feels confident that this finale provides closure for every central character. At the same time, viewers will be left with teases about what the future may hold for everybody. There will be moments of looking back at times they all shared earlier along with glimpses of the years ahead, but fans will get to see plenty of present-day action too.

The teen cast seemingly all cried as they went through the final Andi Mack script, but not because of heartbreaking bombshells in the final episode. Rather, they all reflected on how much they’ve loved the journey with the show and wished they could keep going.

Joshua Rush, who plays Cyrus, says that the script is written in such a way to help viewers envision the characters all living on and he personally wanted something that would leave Andi Mack fans feeling happy.

“I hope that as many people as possible feel happy with it, and I believe it was one of the best ways we could have possibly done it.”

Could there be more for this Andi Mack crew somehow, at some point? Asher Angel, who portrays Jonah, hinted that there is closure to all of the storylines, but that things are also left open that a movie could easily be done down the road.

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi) believes that this series finale is the “perfect tribute” to what they all created in this show.

Will fans agree that Friday night brings the perfect series ending? Will viewers get to see more in a movie at some point down the road? Andi Mack spoilers hint that this is one episode that cannot be missed, and people can’t wait to check it out.