Donald Trump Goes On Puzzling Rant About ‘Russian Bloggers,’ Confused With ‘Hackers,’ Reporters Speculate

The day after former Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller delivered his historic testimony on Capitol Hill, in which he confirmed numerous details of his investigative report, as well as the fact that Donald Trump could be indicted for obstruction of justice once he leaves office, as The Inquisitr reported, Trump himself phoned into the Fox News program Hannity, to blast the Mueller investigation as a “coup attempt.”

But in the lengthy, rambling interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity — with whom Trump is said to chat nightly just before bed, according to an earlier Inquisitr report — Trump appeared to be confused about the exact nature of the Russian cyber attack on the 2016 presidential election, an attack designed to help Trump win that election, according to Mueller and the U.S. intelligence agencies.

“You know, all of these things like the Russian bloggers — they had nothing to do with us, and everybody knew it… bloggers in Russia,” Trump told Hannity, as quoted via Twitter by Vox reporter Aaron Rupar.

“The word he was looking for is ‘hackers,'” Rupar commented.

Trump even claimed that “There’ a little sentence in there” saying that the “bloggers” had nothing to do with his administration, according to Wall Street Journal White House reporter Vivian Salama, via Twitter.

Trump was seemingly referring to Mueller’s report on his investigation — though the word “bloggers” does not appear in the report, which is searchable online via The New York Times.

Trump accused special counsel Robert Mueller (pictured) of plotting a ‘coup.’

Another reporter, Daniel Dale of CNN, also took to Twitter to correct Trump on the bloggers vs. hackers claim.

“It was hackers. Russian hackers. No bloggers,” Dale wrote.

But Trump’s reference to “Russian bloggers” in his Hannity interview was not the first time he appeared to substitute the word “bloggers” for hackers. In an interview on June 26 with Fox Business, Trump also made a remark about the supposed bloggers, as quoted by Politico.

“They talk about Russia because they had some bloggers,” Trump said in that earlier interview. “And by the way, those bloggers, some of them were going both ways. They were for Clinton and for Trump.”

Nor is Trump alone in making the verbal switch. Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leader who ordered the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential election, according to a declassified intelligence assessment cited by The Washington Post, has also referred to “bloggers” in the context of his denials of the election interference campaign.

“Whichever our bloggers — I don’t know who works there in the Internet — had expressed their point of view on the situation in the U.S.A. in this or that way, this had not been able to play a decisive role,” Putin said in an interview that surfaced last week, quoted by Reuters. “This is nonsense.”

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